About Us

Who We Are

We are a worldwide online customer serving company . Our goal is to provide our customers high quality products in prices lower then market prices and cheaper shipping services.

A few words about


We are working from 1980 to provide our customers world’s number no products and high quality products in affordable prices. Our shipping prices are too short and our delivery service is very quick and responsive. You can look a view of our history.

We started our business in 1980. But dew to financial issues we got delayed . But in 1990 we started properly providing our services and generated 2K customers per month since 2000. We won the believe of our customers. 

In 2000 B.C we become the most popular in providing services in import export business. Since 2008 B.C we generated 500% of our investments per month. In 2008 B.C we thought to extend our business in global market . 

So from 2010 B.C we started our online shipping platform that was very initiative . But due to our personal issues we delayed it for few years and again in 2015 we decided to launch a new online shipping platform for our worldwide customers.

Now from 2018 B.C we are starting our planned online platform to serve our customers. We are providing our customers special offers and discounts. We are using a huge database to save our customers list so that we will be able to provide special discounts and offers to our regular customers 


Worldwide shipping

As we are here to provide you best quality products at your home that's why our shipping is all over the world.

five star ratting


We are providing world's best quality products you can not find in any market place in our prices.


Best Offers

We are offering special offers to our customers they can get our products 20% off.


Secure Payments

We assure you that here you are at safe place and your payments and transactions are secure