Earn Fast Cash Online From Pixie App

In Pixie the social network, all activities (posting likes, posting, and reposting) are paid for with PIX tokens:

The PIX you earned will be paid immediately within 7 days of your posts, not including reposts or likes you have made on them. You can cash out the completed PIX at anytime to your address (Metamask, CEX address .etc).

Find out how you can Earn PIX :

Users must have at least an Mini Camera to conduct social activities within Pixie. Mini Camera is available for free for a limited period in Pixie App.

Entry Cameras are always available for purchase from the The Official NFT Store in Pixie App.

If you purchase an Mini Camera, you can press on the Energy Button (As as described below) in the upper-right edge of the App to see the four cameras you have.


Energy Cap, Weight, Speed and Vote that correspond to various entitlements.

Click here to read the guidelines for the Entitlements.

Video posts can bring in more PIX than images (20 percent an increase).

Try to enter “Trending” and earn more PIX (100 percent increase).

Uploading the details of your Ethereum NFT assets will earn more PIX (200 percentage increase).

Make sure you connect your wallet to crypto, transfer your NFT instantly and transfer them by clicking one button!

But Nft Genius Camera To Earn More Pixie :

If you are looking to boost your entitlements (Weight, Energy Cap Vote and Speed) purchasing NFT Genesis Cameras are the most efficient method. Genesis Cameras can be purchased on the NFT’s official NFT Store in the Pixie App in case they are available.

Genesis Cameras

To purchase to purchase the Genesis Camera, you must be sure to have that you have enough PIX funds in your PIX wallet (As as per below) or have enough ETH in your crypto wallet, for example Metamask.

You can manage your camera equipment (change devices, or sell Cameras) at any time via Your NFT wallet.

Web3 login as well as Ehereum Nft Post

You can log in to Pixie using your email address or your crypto wallet (Metamask, Trust and Rainbow). You can also join your crypto wallet later on in the Pixie App in the event that you login with your email for the first time.

Once you have connected your cryptocurrency wallet to your crypto wallet, your Ethereum NFTs will be automatically displayed in your NFT account (As as described below) . You can either post them to your NFT wallet or assign one to an Avatar by pressing an icon.

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