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Point2ads Details:

Welcome to Point2Ads Simply Revolution on crypto companies
Make the most of your website search & pump complaints and turn them into real money every week.

How Point2Ads Works
Three Easy Ways to Your First USD:

Collect POINTS
Whether via Faucet, PTC or Referrals

Your Points will be converted to USD each week

Return your USD to various providers

Get PHT in the Cloud and show you what you found in real time!

Access to PHT Machine:

is designed to provide easy user information and a platform that enables all users, regardless of technical expertise, to participate in new features.

cryptocurrency assets:

Server operates:

Anything in the cloud, therefore, only when the reception is set up, the app does not mean that the device will be open or back to access PHT.

Raise your PHT and go up to a 5% return per month!

At your free time, use Cloud Earning PHT to earn Money Online earnings, or view PHT market graph.

To avoid interruptions, information is sent upon completion of the project, increasing the Receipt for the next 7 days.

How it’s work?

  • Get PHT within seven days
  • PHT Balance changes every 10 seconds
  • Stake PHT with 5% monthly return
  • PHT section
  • Call and get more
  • Profitable Income Statistics
  • PHT Market Statistics
  • PHT / USD Calculator

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