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Are you looking for easy access to a cryptocurrency platform?
Xekra offers a variety of ways to earn money through donations to drive.
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Ways to earn private money:

List of the types of activities you can do to earn money using our service.  Each task has a different end!

Earn money from Doing task:

The task is simple, just press a button to receive the prize, but the button only takes 40 minutes.

Pay Per Click (PTC):

It's a good job to do, you just have to look at the advertising pages to make your money.

Advertising and paid surveys:

Earn money trying new products and services (videos, apps, web pages) and research by attracting the next generation of products and services.


This task is one of the easiest!  All you need to do is press a button and your tool will start making me money!

Automatic faucet:

Click a button and you will start receiving the driver!


Buy lottery tickets to win the grand prize!  Lottery games are obvious.


Any time you complete a challenge you will be rewarded!

Shipping system:

Visit your friends and family to receive more thanks to our generous sending program!


Every job you do you get EXP that elevates you.  With each level your bonus increases and you get a prize!

Promise your cryptocurrencies!

Promise your cryptocurrencies using our opportunities and extras.

 Our Dice Games is an easy-to-play cryptocurrency game that aims to provide the ability to use an online casino integrated into the user interface.

 Heated keys
 Real time

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