Givvy 2048 online earning app

New givvy 2048 offers you exciting games and real money prizes!

Want to redeem prizes for real money? Is today your lucky day?
New 2048 is here to give you the best 2048 graphics game but in addition to playing you can make real money!

Collect tiles and combine them to reach 2048 tiles.
Prove that you are the best among other players.

Choose between different games and win money.Challenge your mind with the amazing 2048 game! With amazing gameplay,and all the activities at your fingertips, this 2048 game is sure to be your favorite!

No in-app purchases, free to play puzzle game 2048.

Withdraw directly from PayPal, Coinbase, Binance, Amazon or another wallet.
PayPal – send directly to your PayPal Account

Coinbase, Amazon or other wallets – transfer directly to your account.

Cash withdrawals more than we withdraw from your PayPal account at any time of the day! Payments can be made up to 7 days before they are sent to your sender, most can take as little as 24 hours or even instantly.

More information on how to use the app and services can be found in our terms and conditions:

NOTE: All games, giveaways, prizes, and awards

The content provided by Givvy is not affiliated with Google Inc.
The giveaway is sponsored exclusively by Givvy.

Is 2048 really pays?

Yes it’s an real app where you can earn money by playing number game and earn money online by playing games and doing offer over this app which will give you Real money.

Is 2048 Givvy withdraw instant?

Yes in Coinbase, perfect money and payeer the withdraw is instant and the minimum withdrawal is only 0.19$.

Now it’s time to download this app and making money by playing easy game you can Also Earn Money by downloading apps and completing offer’s.


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