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Welcom to our Jungleamazon cleaning platform!

You are now on our Jungleamazon Brushing Platform!

Jungleamazon was founded on October 16, 2022.

Incentivize investors to fill orders

Invite three subordinates at the first level who wish to be upgraded to vip3, and the inviter upgrade to vip3 for no cost,

Invite 3 subordinates of the first-level who wish to be upgraded to vip4 after which the inviter upgrade to vip4 no cost,

Invite 3 subordinates of the first-level for an upgrade from vipv5 to after which the inviter upgrade to vip5 for no cost,

Invite a first-level subordinate to purchase vip6, and the person who invites them will receive vip6

Invite a first-level subordinate to purchase vip7 and the invitee will be rewarded with vip7

Invite one subordinate at the first level to purchase vip8, the person who invites them will receive vip8

The event date is 2022.10.17-2022.10.30

This is an order-brushing platform that lets you earn more money than what you do! There is no worry about not having enough money while you’re at leisure. Join us to earn daily pocket cash. Don’t compare yourself to others with a high incomes. Join Jungleamazon today and earn too! Make a deposit that same day and and withdraw money the same day. There is no processing fee. If you have questions regarding our business you can find out more about us via the whitepaper we have published!

Every member who has for an account at the firm will earn 10USDT in reward points, and recharge 10USDT in order to activate the account and upgrade it to vip1.

VIP1 quota: 20SDT daily income 10 percent 2USDT/day

VIP2 quota is 75USDT, 13% per day, 9.75USDT/day

VIP3 quota 180USDT, daily income 20 percent, monthly income of 36USDT

VIP4 quota: 500USDT monthly income of 21% and daily earnings 105USDT

VIP5 quota 1500USDT, per day income 23 percent, and daily earnings of 345USDT

VIP6 quota 3500USDT, per day income 26 percent, and daily income 910USDT

VIP7 quota: 12000USDT daily income 30 percent, and daily income of 3600USDT

VIP8 quota 52000USDT, daily income 40 percent and daily income 20800USDT

How can I earn commissions for free?

Pick out your phone to send your promotional link and earn a free commission all in one go

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Share the link and invite your friends for a membership in Jungleamazon and benefit from the benefits of a team.

If team members deposit 1000USDT, you’ll earn 60 USDT in team income. Bonus of 6%

Members of Group B deposit 1000USDT and receive 30 USDT of team income. A 3% bonus

C team members who deposit 1000USDT. You will receive 20 USDT in team income. 2.2% bonus.

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