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How can you earn money through KingKong?

Charges the user to increase your membership level, the higher the membership level, the higher the amount of commission you will earn when you complete your 18. tasks each day, and you could also receive an additional bonus of 200 percent commission for tasks

Your balance will determine what you can achieve by the membership level: you can only complete an average of tasks during the day, so it is important to select the highest level for that.

If your balance has exceeded R1140 and you’re 4 levels over the threshold. You’re now at Level 4. Quest

Keep track of the balance and ensure that the level is not diminished and you can earn money from doing tasks every day, when the balance decreases, then the level will decrease as well as the daily work commissions will be reduced.

  • KingKong balance is Rs300, which equals LV1 equals daily earnings
  • KingKong balance is at Rs1800. 2LV = Rs272 daily earnings
  • KingKong balance is 4500 Rs = LV3 R704/day earnings
  • KingKong balance equals Rs11400 = LV4 = Rs1846/day earnings
  • KingKong balance equals Rs28500=LV5 = Rs4770/day earnings
  • KingKong balance is Rs84000 x LV6 = Rs14968/day earnings
  • KingKong balance equals Rs210000/LV7 = Rs39690/day earnings
  • KingKong balance is Rs540000/LV8 = Rs107892/day earnings

About King Kong

KING KONG LIMITED ( King Kong ) was founded on July 14th, 2014. United States and based in New York City, it has developed into a known internet-based commerce marketing company over the span over eight years. The company has also developed an expert e- commerce demo trading project King Kong in 2022. The company’s focus is on assisting online retailers increase their sales via SEO. It also offers content marketing, custom advertising optimization channels, as well as support for channel and services and also the electronic commerce demo trading marketing. King Kong has reached close cooperation with one of the world’s most famous electronic commerce

companies such as Amazon, Etsy and Tmall that assist businesses increase the effectiveness of online marketing channels and outdo competitors in the ever-changing online marketplace.

King Kong’s business

We help customers who are enrolled on the online marketplaces to increase brand recognition, increase the platform’s traffic and finally, get orders by using multichannel marketing methods, including SEO, as and content marketing, customized advertising optimization support for channels as well as the e- commerce demo trading marketing.

SEO, as well as content marketing

We blend it with sophisticated methods for off-site optimization in order to obtain quality backlinks, and also enhance the domain’s permissions. We are aware of any changes to algorithms and the impact they have on the rankings of SERPs for your website and will adjust the SEO strategy of your site based on the modifications.

Custom advertising optimization

We use a variety of expert advertising optimization methods to ensure that the advertising you invest in can significantly increase sales.

We help brands reach out to customers via Amazon, Taobao, Etsy, Mercado Libre and other platforms to increase the acceptance, conversion, and recognition.

Support for Channels and Service

Our relationship with Amazon gives us the opportunity to provide our customers the best Amazon beta program before the time they can join the market. We connect our partners directly to Amazon DSP through self – service seats, giving our clients more flexibility and increases possibilities.

In what way did King Kong make itself a world leader in the acquisition of new customers?

King Kong has a highly knowledgeable marketing team that is responsible for the design, implementation, and administration of a wide range of demo trading tasks that are essential for each brand. King Kong has sorted out an order-based demo trading procedure, starting with your brand’s branding and the evaluation of the word of mouth for the purpose of helping customers to participate in barrel-free demo trading tasks, resulting in the highest growth in traffic for the brand as well as bring in new customers.

King Kong’s unparalleled sources of information, creativity channels strategy analysis, and technology are among the best assets for expanding brand awareness. King Kong has more than 500 thousand users as in a multitude of brands co-branded with King Kong.

King Kong knows how to utilize all resources to accomplish the goal of increasing brand recognition which is King Kong’s most effective method of building a huge customer base.

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