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Lucky Step App Real or Fake?

It is a common question in the present. If you are thinking of joining join Lucky Step then you must go through this article first. In this article we will clarify your doubts about “Lucky Step App legit or scam” in full. Below are some information for users.

One person said, “Mostly ad junkie, there’s really nothing from the app. All it does is serve as an unofficial step counter that is first of all ubiquitous, meaning that every when you open the phone, it will display full-screen ads at you. It even when I have an alarm sounding, it takes over that display and will not let me get to the alarm screen until I first engage with the. It’s an attempt to get the most data as possible, while also feeding you with a constant stream of ads in order that they can earn a profit from you.” The user is dissatisfied with the ads so let’s look at another details.

Another thing to note, “This app seems nice however. It can help you keep an eye on your steps as well as the calories burned. I’ve observed that the points you earn from viewing ads or using this app decrease as time passes, making it more difficult to reach the threshold for withdrawal that is 2 million points. I’ll revisit to rate it 5 stars rating once I’m capable of reaching the withdrawal threshold and then convert the points I earn into cash.”

The above two information provided by our most trusted users prove that this isn’t much reliable. Some users are irritated by ads. Users are complaining that they can’t remove. Here we explain the app and its features.

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Lucky Step App for Android
App Details

What is Lucky Step App?
How to Download APK?

Latest Update
Pros and Cons
APK frequently asked questions about this APK


Lucky Step App for Android

A one of the more precise and useful apps This app is indispensable for fitness enthusiasts and people who are concerned about their health and bodies. This app Lucky Fitness Step Counter is one of the user-friendly applications that will do well in simplifying your process of counting steps.

The application comes with built-in sensors for steps which does not make use of GPS. This means it doesn’t use up your battery. It also monitors distance , time, and calories burned, which are the most crucial indicator for women. The layout of the app contains instructional graphics that display figures.

It is also possible to set goals ahead of time for the week or day, and the application will produce reports with a visual progression. It offers the user a free access to all of its functions, except for a small cost in order to get free of ads on its display.

App Details

Name Lucky Step App
Updated Recently
Supported by Android 5.0 +
The most recent version 1.0.35
Size 10 MB
MOD No Ads
Category Android Apps
Developer Lucky Step App Team
Price Free

What is Lucky Step App?

LuckyStep is a free application that does not have purchase in app or ads. It is a basic kind of app ideal for those who are just starting out. Google Fit will calculate your steps as well as calories and miles throughout various workouts.

It’s a program that promotes health and collaborated together with The World Health Organization (WHO) as well as the American Heart Association (AHA) to create two goals for activity known as Heart Points and Move Minutes. The program called Move Minutes was designed in order to promote various activities during the course of your day to help you live a healthier.

Going cycling to work is far more comfortable than taking taxis. There are cardiovascular benefits to different kinds of movements.

You’ll earn one heart-point for 1 minute of walking on the street, and you’ll earn double points when you run. It also works into the majority of Wear OS smartwatches, and all activities are tracked and reported on the Google Fit profile, no matter what device you’re using.

How to Download APK?

To download the most recent version 1.0.35 of your TV App it is easy to follow this procedure.

Click on the APK download APK button.

Click it and you will look for an download button on the following page.

Click Download APK (Varies depending on the the device) button,

It will take time based on the size of the file, which varies according to the device that you have.

Allow “Unknown Sources” and install APK.
Then, you can launch the app and use it.
Latest Update
Bugs that are known to be fixed
Experience and speed
Interface changes
Features that are new (free)

The app has been available on on June 23 2022. The most recent update has numerous new features in the version 1.0.35 that will be made available on September 5, 2022.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and pros and Lucky Step App [real or fake]’s most recent version that you’ll download for your mobile.


The most recent version 1.0.35’s size varies based on the device and is smaller.

It’s available through Google Play, APKPure, and UptoDown.
The amount of ads is decreased in v1.0.35 the most recent.


This won’t work with devices that aren’t high-end until September 5, 2022.
Older versions prior to 1.0.35 are still available.
Certain features are only available via the internet.
APK frequently asked questions about this APK
Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Lucky Step App [real or fake], should you’re looking for answers to any question, please leave a leave a comment.

Q. How do I download this application?
Ans. you can get it by clicking on the Download APK button (1.0.35).

Q. Is this app cost-free?
Ans. Yes, the app is completely free and it has all features available in the latest version 1.0.35 at the moment.

Q. Is this app secure and safe?
Ans. Yes, have tested and verified the most recent version 1.0.35 and has marked it as safe.


I’ve listed everything you should be aware of about the most recent version 1.0.35. If you plan to watch it, then please let us know your experiences here. If you encounter any issues that you encounter with this version 1.0.35 Please leave a comment here. Also, look through our previous apps.

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