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Is NeoBux a Scam or Legit? The Ultimate 2022 Neobux Review

NeoBux Rating

NeoBux offers a variety of methods to earn. But it’s a bit complicated and if not cautious, you could be losing quite a lot of cash instead of earning anything.

If you’ve been searching for simple ways to earn extra money online, you might have been familiar with Neobux.

However, do you think NeoBux fake or genuine and a legitimate opportunity to earn?

Let me tell you right now that it’s not an actual scam, but this does not mean that it’s not a great option for you to earn extra money – because it may not be.

This review for 2022 NeoBux review, you’ll get an insider’s view and discover all the details of what NeoBux offers, the benefits the site offers and how NeoBux operates, what you need to know, and what your money earnings opportunities offer, as well as more.

If you’re interested to know more about what the site offers and whether it’s an site worth spending time or not, read on.

What exactly is NeoBux and what can the site provide?

NeoBux has been in existence since the year 2008. According to what I’ve found the organization behind it is based out of Portugal and is referred to as NeoDev Lda. There isn’t any additional information to find about the business behind. However, NeoBux is around for quite a while now and has a lot of members.

It’s an GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that offers numerous methods to earn. However, because of the system used on this site (I will discuss the system in this review) it could be viewed as more of a PTC (Paid-to-Click) site. Below, I’ll discuss the various ways to earn money.

Let me begin by saying that generally speaking, Neobux is pretty confusing and unfriendly for users according to my experience.

Therefore, it may be difficult to determine the possibilities at the time you sign up and you may be left wondering whether Nebox is real or fake at the time you join. This review I’ll attempt my best to describe it to make it clear what it offers to help you determine if it’s worth your time or not.

I’ve made an instructional video that will guide you through a tour that you can watch in the near future. However, let’s this moment, look at the methods of earning it offers.

Option 1 – Neobux surveys:

If you’ve been here on prior to now, you realize that I believe paid online surveys are an excellent method to let your voice be heard and earn money in the process.

NeoBux offers paid surveys, but not but it does not offer opportunities like this to everyone.

neobux surveys examples

There are regularly paid surveys on NeoBux.
If any surveys are available, it depends depending on where you live. However, generally speaking, NeoBux does offer a adequate amount of surveys that you can take advantage of. You just have to know that you need to complete them on third-party websites. It can require some time to locate the surveys that you are eligible for.

It is a great way to earn some extra money although surveys aren’t what NeoBux is famous for, plus it’s more of an additional thing.

If you’re looking to take part in paid surveys You should look into the top paid survey sites for your country There are many websites that offer better opportunities in this sector that NeoBux offers from my experiences.

Option 2: Clicking ads:

Clicking ads and / or PTC (paid-to-click) which is what it’s sometimes referred to is among the things that NeoBux is famous for.

There’s a wide variety of ads that you can click on every single day. It’s not an opportunity to earn lots of money, however generally, it will take about 10 seconds to click on each advertisement.

You will only get about $0.001 for each ad that you view. It could, however, be more, when the upgrade is made to your membership.

neobux ptc ads

A sample of an PTC advertisement on NeoBux.

The low payout to clicking ads, which is one of the primary benefits NeoBux offers is among the features that make it an site that I do not enjoy I’ll be honest.

If you’re already making use of the platform it’s not time to click on a few ads which is why it might be worthwhile to consider this option.

If you take a look at the math that you’d have to click on 1000 ads for just earn $1. That’s not a efficient return on the time.

Clicking ads will provide access to certain features of NeoBux which is only accessible only after you’ve clicked certain amount of ads which means you will e.g. do not be able to change your membership until you’ve hit 100 ads. This could be a reason to click the ads when your decision is to sign up with NeoBux.

Alongside the cash prizes for clicking on ads In addition, you get what’s known as Chances to win an AdPrize.

Option 3 – AdPrize chance:

You get four AdPrize chances per paid advertisement you click and must make use of them within 240 minutes (4 days).

The AdPrize odds are almost identical to the ads. When you click, you must view an ad for between 5 and 10 minutes. The different between the two is you get paid for clicking on PTC ads and the AdPrize ads aren’t ones you get paid in exchange for. Instead, you stand the chance of winning an award. It will be clear whether you’ve won.

The site doesn’t mention what prize you could win beyond the FAQ section. If you do your research you will find that you could earn points. I haven’t had any luck therefore I am unable to say precisely how many points prizes you can win, and the frequency with which prizes are awarded.

In the end, I don’t believe this is worth it, but you are aware that the option is available and what it takes to get there in the event that you decide to join.

Option 4 Paying offers:

Pay-per-click offers (also known as offer walls) are the section of NeoBux in which you will find a range of online offers that you could earn through making. You can download apps, complete extra surveys or register for trial trials free on websites, and many more.

NeoBux provides access to various offer walls. Some are quite decent, however they are available on a variety of other websites that are, in my opinion, more opportunities overall and I’d rather take them there over there.

NeoBux membership types – are they worth upgrading?

You can observe, NeoBux has quite a variety of options and some are difficult to comprehend. One thing that could be difficult to comprehend is the different types of memberships you could enjoy at NeoBux. This is why I’m going to make it more clear what the membership levels mean.

All the money you earn on NeoBux is influenced by the membership amount you pay. What sets NeoBux from the other GPT websites is the fact that they not only offer an unlimited free membership, but also memberships that you must purchase.

This is not something I’d do, and I generally advise against signing up to every Survey site as well as GPT site which charges an amount. However, NeoBux also offers the option of a free membership, so you are free to join that.

There are two primary membership options: a standard (free) membership and a golden membership ($90 per year). The distinction between these two types of membership is mostly in the value you get for the clicks you make on your own ads and the referrals’ clicks. Below, you will examine the differences in a graph with numbers.

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