Pegasus _ Walk And Earn Free Cryptocurrency Amo Token

Pegasus fitness programs that reward you with AMO tokens for action.

Amino is a Web3 application for sports, health and fitness. With a network of apps, NFTs, Metaverse, IRL events and more, Amino is a full-fledged Web3 platform for sports and fitness enthusiasts.

Our apps give users the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies:

through fitness, sports, healthy eating and more. Users will earn $AMO, which can be redeemed for basic items and other premium rewards that our interactive tool goes beyond Web3.

Amino’s powerful network will expand into the sports, health and fitness sectors, giving users unlimited opportunities to earn $AMO.

Amino has secured partnerships:

with a growing group of elite athletes, including Rob Gronkowski, Klay Thompson and Aaron Judge. Amino will release a series of NFTs called GRAILS on Binance NFT, which have fast ambassadors.

Rare NFTs come with autographed memorabilia and IRL tickets, connecting fans with their favorite athletes on Web3 and the real world.

Join Amin with our first app, Pegasus, which is a free app that lets you earn $AMO on the go!

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