Play And Earn! Play Fun Games And Earn Money

Earn money just playing simple games and inviting your Lovely friends!

You can earn money anytime and anywhere. Simple and easy.

Make more money than we earn in your PayPal account at any time during the day! Funds may take up to seven days to be paid to donors.

Rules and regulations:

Invite a friend – Invite your friends to join the app to get information by writing.

Extras will be added to your account as soon as your partner arrives at the required store.

Picture Games – Match the sections and finish the drawing:

Balloon game bubbles

Carefully collect balloons and avoid bombs Drop -line – Connect the dots , make more squares and beat your enemy.

Earn Money:

Research – Be careful and answer several questions correctly

Make Money by Qna:

. If your answers are valid, you will receive a lot of points. Stay tuned – Get the point even if you are just sitting in a mobile app.
Daily Calendar – Sign up for this app every day to get the latest updates. The more consecutive days you sign up for the app, the more likely you are to get more.
List – Compete with other players, earn more money on the day and add a 500 point bonus to your measurements. More information on how to use the app and the service can be found in our team:
Whenever you need help you can reach us on facebook at: For more information about how we store your personal
information, please see Privacy Policy:
Note:All games, donations, rewards and rewards: provided by Play and Earnare not affiliated with Google Inc.
The donations are only supported by Play and Earn. All prizes or rewards are not made by Google; and has no affiliation with Google.
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