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From oddities to friendship

Poppo will never stop “building an close and real interpersonal community and creating a fun and interesting entertainment platform” as its primary goal. aid people to discover the beauty within themselves and to enjoy the joy of life!

Poppo Live

From the bizarre to the familiar It’s more than just an ounce of fun

Passion PK

Spark and fight

Dating at a party

Be authentic, and intimate interactions

Beauty Live

Cool gifts that explode the entire spectacle

Poppo live, high profile hosts chat with you on the internet The hosts are high-end and interact with you online !

Poppo live, top-quality hosts communicate with you live The hosts are high-end and interact with you online !

Function Introduction

“Live Upgrade” not only live broadcasts on video there are many more options to play!

“Online Party” looking for guests, celebrities hosts and a myriad of ways to have fun at an online events!

“PK Upgrade” random PK friend PK and more rich content in the new format of PK!

More experience in Poppo live. This is a brand new experience that lets you meet the beautiful!

ABOUT Poppo Live App:

POPPO LIVE is an online live stream platform. Its mission is to connect nations around the globe creating a truly interconnected community, and establishing a fun and engaging entertainment platform.

with the intention of creating online stars of high-quality and achieving the dream of stars for millions of everyday people by our constant efforts. POPPO will promote social stars from all over the world.

Establishing a connection with other people who are in social relationships is a significant step. If you’d like to meet people from different countries, you can simply open POPPO Live!

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