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Real Research Complete surveys Earn Money Online:

An international research service that allows you to design your own surveys that are free.

Join for free! Join or take part in specific surveys through Real Research. Real Research app.

The app is a place that allows both companies and individuals to efficiently conduct surveys for target groups and collect information from respondents who are qualified.

By using the sponsor portal it is possible to select respondents based on gender, age and many more! Real Research offers a highly safe, efficient and reliable system for gathering data.

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Our primary objective is to assist entrepreneurs produce and present robust research, backed up by real and non-manipulated data.

About Real Research App:

Over 20 Years Of Experience. We’ll Ensure You Always Get The Best Possible Results.

Real Research is a secure environment designed to satisfy the marketing and research needs of every company.

We provide companies with the opportunity to easily conduct surveys and collect information from qualified and real-time respondents.

Utilizing the blockchain and smart contract technology, Real Research offers a highly secure, efficient and reliable platform to collect data.

Our primary aim is to help entrepreneurs produce and present solid research that is backed with real data that is unmanipulated.


Real Research Features

Compatible With Mobile Devices

Real Research offers user-friendly services that let you make and respond to surveys at any time from anywhere with any mobile device.

Real Research Sponsor Portal:

Researchers and marketers are able to conduct surveys and publish their findings specifically for a specific target group of people by using the Sponsor Portal.

Reward System:

Join Real Research surveys to earn cryptocurrency rewards upon completion.

Activity Report:

Review survey results and offer solutions from the large panel of more than 3 million people worldwide.

Protected KYC Data:

The profiles of respondents and their data are safely stored and managed using blockchain technology.


It displays the total number of respondents who took the survey and results from the survey in real-time

In-App Advertising Platform:

Upload banners and videos by using the in-app ads via Real Research. Real Research platform.

In-App Crypto Wallet:

Save, collect and withdraw rewards from cryptocurrency with an encrypted digital wallet.

Real Research Application Create And Respond To Surveys On Your Smart Device:

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It is the Real Research Mobile Survey App is an easy e-survey program designed to facilitate data gathering process that is simple and easy for the respondents. Through the application, users who have different demographics are able to take questions at any time.

The app is backed by top-of-the-line security features. It is not able to be controlled, altered or compromised by survey makers or their business competitors. Real Research’s market research system is not manipulated, controlled or tampered with by Real Research market research system is secured and independent from any manipulation of results or hacking.

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