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Shop 740 _ Make Money By Completing Orders


Hello Shop 740, our business receives rewards and points for placing orders through Amazon.

We’d like to become part of Project products: users will earn rewards for finishing the task for the day

  1. Members who have registered accounts can earn 30USDT as reward, plus 10USDT to activate the account and upgrade to vip1.

If the upgrade goes well After the upgrade has been successful, you can finish the job and earn a part-time commission!

  1. Discuss the benefits that are available daily from the VIP1 and VIP9 levels in the video (inform the viewer about the variety of tasks available for each level as well as the rewards that are available when you complete the tasks).

When the demo is finished. Simply take a photo of the withdrawal success.

  1. The video informs investors about which places they can recharge, and the way to do it by citing:

copy the payment information into the wallet, then open the wallet that is virtual and then use USDT (trc20) for recharge.

We will add 10usdt your account with us as a member or your personal wallet (minimum deposit of 10usdt)

  1. Allow users to share promotional links and invest in wallets to earn USDt.

10% usdt for the first-level users 10% usdt for first-level users, 6% usdt to second-level users, and percent usdt for third-level users. If you register and pay using the promotional link

the promotional wallet you choose to use can earn up to 19 percent of the sub-user’s the amount to top up

  1. Members can learn to share personal or video URLs to different social networks, including Facebook.










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