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About The PTCL Earning App :

The PTCL is a social-media application that is a part of the PTCL earning network. The PTCL users being able to Post & Interact with users feeds, like and comment and much more. Using the application is much easier and fun !

Numerous social networks:

earn money by partnering with venture capitalists who wager on the appeal of the website and its potential to be monetized. Early investment can result in huge dividends.

In fact, some of the largest corporations have purchased Internet start-ups for millions or billions of dollars


The most well-known methods to earn money from social media is to be an influencer in the micro level. You can earn money on Instagram by having as little as 1000 followers.

As you increase your followers as you gain followers, your income will increase. The ideal range is between 500,000 to 1 million followers. Even if you don’t run an official firm, you can earn money from Instagram as a follower of brands, and marketing their products.

It’s crucial to remember how social networks are about interactions. If you are able to help others and they’ll do the same for you. Consider reaching out to people who are within your field and work together with them on social media takeovers, guest blogging, and TikToks.

The use of hashtags is another excellent way to increase the number of followers you have and help promote your content. Discover which hashtags are well-known in your field and then encourage your followers to make use of hashtags.

You could also create an online blog and promote brands that are suited to your specific niche. For example, if you’re an IT professional and you want to market fitness equipment it is best to start a blog on it.

You could promote fitness equipment and supplements by promoting ads and sponsored posts. But, be cautious about the content you post. It’s not a good idea to claim you’re a foodie but then collaborate with food companies.

Influencers earn their income through paid content. Therefore, be sure it’s relevant for the niche you’re in.

Instagram Shops:

Instagram recently launched an option called Instagram Shopping, which allows online proprietors to offer their goods without having to leave the application.

Instagram users can look over your products and buy them from your store. Instagram provides a range of ways to market your productsthrough videos and photos.

For instance, if you own a clothing shop you could advertise your clothing by posting photos of your clothes. Instagram lets you add up to five products in a single post, or 20 in the form of a carousel. You can also promote your business through stories and videos.

It is also possible to earn money by the affiliate market or by selling physical goods through Instagram. But, one of the best ways to earn income from Instagram is to create an informational product or premium ebook.

You can design a top-quality information product for a cheap cost and be paid well. The benefit of this approach is that it permits you to develop your own brand name and be the money for it.

Instagram’s main focus is pictures So, make your items attractive and intriguing. In addition to selling your items as well, you can also sell your art work. Poster images, paintings, videos, drawings and animations are all excellent examples of what that you can sell through Instagram.

Make sure you include captions that appeal for your viewers and direct users to your bio link to find out more information.

Instagram also has an account for businesses which lets you sell your own merchandise and other services. Additionally, it provides dropshipping services that makes it unnecessary to keep inventory.

Gallery apps are also available for Instagram which permit you to sell items from Your Shopify store. Through the gallery apps you are able to sell your items directly on Instagram and then make them accessible under both the Explore and Shop tabs.

Another way to earn money through Instagram is to join affiliate programs. You can join some or all of these affiliate programmes for example, Amazon Associates or ClickBank. These programs let you advertise other stores and get a percentage of the sales when customers make purchases from your.

But, if you’re hoping to make the most the benefits of an Instagram shop, be sure to upload photos of high quality and make sure you use the right hashtags and tags.

Snapchat filters:

If you’re interested in making money using Snapchat filters There are many ways to go about it. But, you should be aware of FTC regulations concerning sponsored content.

These regulations require you to identify any connection you have with a particular company or brand that you promote. Additionally the FTC will require you to disclose any affiliate links that you may have in your content.

The easiest way to ensure you are in line with the regulations is to include a simple hashtag such as #ad or #sponsored in your photos.

You can offer to sell Snapchat geo-filter templates to make cash. This can be a fantastic source of passive income. The best part about selling filtering is that they allow you to alter and modify the filters to meet your specific needs.

In addition, you earn a commission for every time someone makes use of your template. Making use of Snapchat filters is an excellent way to market your company.

If you possess the required skills and knowledge and experience, you can be the Snapchat lens designer and then sell your lenses via Snapchat. Snapchat Lens creators can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. One of them, Ben Knutson, quit his job in IT in the last year to design Snapchat lenses.

The first step to earn money from Snapchat filters is to build an audience. It might seem daunting initially however, with perseverance and consistency you can make money from Snapchat.

Make sure you create eye-catching content that is appealing to your target audience. One way to accomplish this is to use Canva or downloading content in high-resolution via Envato Elements.

In addition to making money selling the original Snapchat filters could also sell custom filters. You can make filters using Adobe Spark or Canva, and then sell them to other Snapchat users using The Create Your own website tab of Snapchat.

So, you can offer the Snapchat filters and create an impressive database of contacts. As an added benefit you could even make money from advertising from the Snapchat filters.

Geofilters can be another excellent chance to Snapchat creators. They are based on location and let users upload videos and photos using Snapchat. Local businesses can make use of these stickers to increase traffic. Starbucks has, for example, has created a fall-themed geofilter.

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