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Your use of the TimeBucks Site and Your transactions with our Services (all of which are defined below):

shall govern any disputes that may arise, in accordance with these Terms. Please read these terms carefully and do not use any TimeBucks site and our products or services if you do not wish to resolve any disputes you may have with us (including without limitation any disputes relating to these Terms, the Privacy Policy and the Additional Terms) as stated here.

Australian Clearing Pty Ltd (together with any of its affiliates, the “Company”) owns and operates various websites, mobile applications and social media services, including without limitation TimeBucks DailyGreatest The TimeCave and others (collectively ). , “Removal Areas in Australia”). These Terms of Use (“Terms”) apply to the Australian Clearing Sites and all other, mobile applications, email, online services and other services (collectively, the “Materials”) available through or in connection with the Australian Clearing Sites. , whether by computer, mobile phone or otherwise (collectively, the “Australian Clearing Sites and Features”

TimeBucks may terminate suspend any account without notice.

All amounts are in USD. $1.00 = 100 cents

Referral Commission only:

includes the user’s earnings for completing a service and does not include bonuses or user services.

You can request a refund only for any unused advertising funds:

If the money has already been used, it cannot be refunded. You cannot get a refund for additional bonuses. For example, if you deposit $200 and receive a $20 bonus, you can only request a refund of the original $200, not $220.

TimeBucks is not obligated to pay users who do not earn:

the minimum amount set on their account. All users who registered before April 24, 2023. (April 24, 2023) New York time, it will still need to hit the $10 level. When they get their next paycheck, their minimum wage will drop to $5.

TimeBucks may refund your account if the advertiser rejects the offer due to fraud, false information or any other reason. This amount will be deducted from your TimeBucks account.

If there are database problems, display errors, or typographical problems on the TimeBucks website that cause your money to appear higher than it should, TimeBucks will correct it and not have to pay you for any errors that were previously displayed. .

If you do not log into your TimeBuck account for more than 12 months, your account will be closed and any earnings you have earned during that time will be forfeited. If you haven’t logged in in the last 12 months, we will consider your account inactive and it will be permanently closed.

By using TimeBucks.com you agree to abide by all website rules. You agree that these terms may change from time to time and you will adhere to their most current form. We would like to highlight in particular.

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