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About Micro Workers Site:

Microworkers is a revolutionary social network that connects employers and workers around the world.

We provide efficient solutions to businesses and companies that need of outsourcing their tasks and projects.

Solutions could consist of creative ways to break down huge tasks into smaller ones that can be divided among workers, thus reducing the time needed to complete your task and report results by your deadline.

Our platform is focused on deploying micro jobs to employees including data collection and analysis, moderation, or extracting data. It also includes annotation categorization of images or videos, tagging or transcription and translation product testing as well as research and survey positions and many more.

Microworkers started in 2009 and is one of the top and most trusted outsourcing platforms for crowdsourcing on the internet.

Our Team:

Microworkers is a committed team of professionals with extensive experience in the field of project solutions that provide value to the customer as well as quality control.

We are dedicated to give our customers the outstanding service they deserve.

How It Works:

Here in Microworkers, you can be an Employer and/or a Worker.

As an Employer :

You can advertise jobs by launching campaigns and then distributing the campaigns to your preferred group of highly skilled or chosen employees from a selected country.

Campaigns that are created are examined by our specially-trained personnel before being made available for our employees.

Employers can participate in the development of their campaign through our API or website.

As a Worker :

You can earn cash by working in micro-jobs that are available to you. You can take on jobs at any time and there’s no limit to the number of tasks you can take on.

If you are a skilled professional You can be part of our pre-defined group of employees where you will be given special or interesting work opportunities and earn more.

When you complete an assignment that you have completed, it will be evaluated and rated by your employer. You’ll earn money if your job is rated “Satisfied”.

Our Workers:

Our employees, who we refer to as microWorkers, work effectively by completing tasks provided by employers.

Our microworkers are from all kinds of backgrounds, all over the world Starting from teenagers at their legal age , to professionals or freelancers looking to earn an extra income online.

To ensure the quality of our service MicroWorkers are subjected to qualifications Tests and are then separated to form workers who have specific and unique abilities.

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