Trickshot Blitz Play To Earn Money

It’s worth it to become the Pool Shark!

Trickshot Blitz is a thrilling multiplayer games to the traditional pool format. All at no cost!

Are you a fan of pool? You can quickly run the table using numerous tricks to win big in this new twist on the traditional 8ball pool.

It features precise gameplay, an elegant appearance, and a few quirky tricks, Trickshot Blitz offers something for every player.

Find a variety of types of competitions and tournaments. Weekly challenges and leagues that allow you to join the community.

$RLY is the currency employed for Trickshot Blitz. Make use of it to take on the other players and take home a huge prize!

If you’re interested in playing competitively in games of skill such as Bingo, Solitaire, and Pool If so, you’re sure to enjoy the features Trickshot Blitz has to offer!


  • Classic, accurate game of pool based on blockchain technology
  • Real Time PvP and Tournaments

Bonus points for speed

  • Matchmaking based on skill

Reward yourself for winning and playing

General Contest Rules

Joyride Games, is the host of all contests via Joyride. Joyride Mobile Application (the “App”). When you participate in a Contest, the participant (“You” (also known as “User” or “Player”) confirm your assent to be bound by the General Contest Rules (“General Contest Rules”) as well as the Terms of the App for any contest.

In general, Sponsors run two kinds of Contests Play-for-Fun contests (“Fun Contests”) and skill-based tournaments (“Skill Contests”).



Fun Contests do not require a purchase and entering without purchases will not improve your chances of winning. Fun Contest:

Every Fun Contest will have its own entry requirements. Please verify the Fun Contest rules in the App for the specific.

Fun Contest to check the rules for entry. Some Fun Contests require the entry of virtual coinsthat are freely distributed by the sponsor in regular increments and at times when specific events happen.

Exchange Rally Coin Into Easypaisa Jazzcash:

Virtual coins can be purchased to make it easier for people who don’t want to wait for regular or event driven distributions of virtual currency.

There is no distinction between the widely distributed virtual coins and the coins bought as a matter of convenience.

The virtual coins do not have financial value, can’t be exchanged by You or any other player They have no identified or intended purpose beyond that of a tool to facilitate a method of virtual scoring.

Skill Contest Awards

Awards will be awarded to the player who is eligible and has the highest performance in an Skill Contest that is outlined in the rules for the specific Skill Contest that are included in an App (“Awards”).

The players from the excluded jurisdictions are not eligible to receive an Award. If the winners are not all equal the award will be awarded to the top three winners. Award will be decided through a tie-breaking test of skill or be split among the best performers.

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The applicable method will be specified in the rules of a specific Skill Contest as presented in the App.

Exchange Rally Coin Into Easypaisa Jazzcash:

Eth (ERC20) Wallet Address:


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