Xcad Network App _ Watch Ducky Bhai YouTube Videos Earn Money

XCAD – Watch Videos and Earn!

XCAD Network is supporting the Watch2Earn revolution by allowing fans to earn Production Tokens by watching their favorite players, right in our app.

The XCAD software allows viewers to find manufacturer’s marks while looking for their favorite manufacturers.

Viewers can earn money, view and sell Creator characters through the app. The app runs in the background when you watch videos through the internal browser.

Users can buy XCAD eggs to increase the value of the Creator token more, the better the egg, the more rewards will be added.

This means users can generate their Creator Tokens very quickly, earn rewards and have voting power!

Viewers who have installed the XCAD software will be rewarded with Creator Badges when they watch 80% or more of the videos.

Creator tokens can be used to vote in polls submitted by their favorite creators, the more tokens a viewer has, the more weighty their vote will be.

This means that loyal fans have more of a say in what they make. Additionally, viewers can invest their creative tokens with XCAD to earn more rewards for watching the video.

Changelog Detailed video viewing steps and tracking information:

Users claiming Advance Rewards will be notified of how many XCAD tokens they need to accumulate to purchase a Lava Egg.

Set the total cost of the distance.
Additional viewing information.
Hatch date details.
Improved check-in flow.
Featured products.

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