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Earn Money Today Easy And Fast From Zarya App :

Zarya is a platform for resellers. It allows our resellers to concentrate on selling, while we handle everything from sourcing to delivering orders.

Our resellers do not have to reserve funds for their business or worry about stocks that aren’t being used. They can simply sell their product and let us handle the rest.

Share And Earn Money From Zarya App:

Zarya is thrilled to be part of the #BetterTech program of Tkxel, in which our co-founder Faisal Zahid spoke about the journey that led to the creation of Zarya and how it has revolutionized the way that people sell their products in Pakistan.

This show has highlighted the upcoming tech startups that are innovative in Pakistan We’re excited to share our experience!

Zarya application is an online platform on which resellers can easily find their products and then offer them to their customers.

Zarya simplifies all the steps from ordering to delivery. We are also proud of helping women become empowered by encouraging them to establish their business from home with Zarya!

We had a conversation in a chat with the CEO at tkxel Umair Javed , and we gave our opinions about what Zarya is on the path toward becoming the new major player in the world of technology! We’re going strong already and we’re hoping to expand even more!

As part of our employee engagement program:

Zarya’s Lahore team of office workers gathered for dinner, and later connected with one another by engaging in games and activities.

Zarya can be described as a business-to-business commerce platform, headquartered in Lahore. It is an online wholesaler in the wider eCommerce market. Sellers who are mostly online, as well as offline, are able to directly purchase products through Zarya. Zarya application and market the products to users who are part of their network.

This is how Zarya makes it extremely simple for women entrepreneurs and business owners to manage their retail businesses at home!

Find out more about Zarya’s most recent financing, future plans and business model

Zarya App is pleased to announce its IOS launch. The app is available now on the App Store, offering Apple users the opportunity to resell and expand their business.

Although we did all work at home during the outbreak however, this wasn’t the situation for a lot of people who struggled to make ends meet.

Zarya Application is making a impact through its #reselling platform that allows people to start their own business without ever having to leave the comforts into their houses on a regular basis.

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Zarya App makes reselling simple by offering a user-friendly and appealing interface :

Interface for applications. We have a great selection of products and we have added options like searchability and the ability to share large quantities of images and videos.

It is available available in Roman Urdu, and we regularly update it, responding to the demands of our users. Not only that, Zarya provides the goods to resellers’ end customers.

Each reseller will have an individual journey with Zarya :

They’re all touching and inspiring. We’re focused on changing lives, helping women and making our community more digital each stage of our journey.

Zarya App is currently on the hunt for a unique graphic designer to be part of our expanding marketing team:

This is an exciting job because you’ll take part in the creation of designs that match our brand’s identity from starting point and also help support different marketing campaigns and initiatives.

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