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Ziktalk _ short videos _ Online Earning App


Find and watch short videos Earn Money With Ziktalk Ki

Earn tokens for watching videos!

A short video platform that is similar like Tiktalk, Shorts, Reels where you can earn tokens.

Ziktalk is a worldwide short-form video platform that lets creators and users earn ZIK tokens in exchange for their participation.

Earn tokens for getting followers:

On Ziktalk all content is in video format, from content to messages.

Upload your own videos , or look through popular videos and earn tokens.

Make short videos available worldwide:

Make videos and upload them to be awe-inspiring to the world.

From dance moves to recipes to cook You can upload any type of content.

Transfer funds into exchanges:

Exchange ZIK tokens with Probit Global.

All users get ZIK tokens at the time of signing-up.

Search short videos by swipe:

Browse through your feed to see diverse content from all over the globe.

Explore new trends and get advice.

Join the worldwide creator community.

Explore the world with Ziktalk. Ziktalk maker network.

Create your very first short video using Ziktalk!

In Luniverse, you can deposit and withdraw funds. ZIK tokens are not available

Small bugs and improvements to app usability.

Earn rewards for each video you create:

We believe that everyone who creates deserves to be recognized and rewarded.

Begin ZIKTALK today and earn money.

Creator :

Send short videos to the world. The more people you engage and the more money you earn.

User :

Many of us like watching videos from other people. ZIKTALK gives users a reward for just sit back and watch!

Our mission:

Connect the world and to give back

individuals who take part in this.

Rewards system :

For each comment, like, or follow you earn you ZIK tokens. They can be converted into cash.


Vertical videos that share everything from hobbies to languages to the world of culture.


ZIKTALK is groundbreaking in the sense that there is no text . comments are also recorded in video format!

Creator Rewards

Earn rewards for shares, votes, followers and comments you get.


Send, hold your ZIK rewards from ZIKTALK’s wallet.

Ziktalk Has Updated to Version 2.0

After months of testing and development, we are thrilled to announce the release for Ziktalk 2.0! Ziktalk 2.0 is an online platform for short-form videos that allows users to make and share videos, and earn money while doing it.

In contrast to Ziktalk 1.0, where everything was based around image posts as well as chatting and calling,

Ziktalk 2.0 is exclusively video-based. We believe that video-sharing will be what social media is going to be in the near future, and we have been working on exciting options for the users of our service.

Ziktalk 2.0 Features

Video feeds for you, using the best tabs that are available

Uploads, creation of videos editing, and commenting

ZIK Token wallet withdraws as well as deposits are temporarily suspended

Rewarding creators and viewers

Ziktalk 2.0 Rewards

Sign-up Mining 50 ZIK Sign-up Rewards for all

Referral Mining 25 ZIK per person who joins you. You will be rewarded for 10 friends.

Creator Mining Creator Mining: Creators are paid 5 ZIK per 60 seconds that their videos are watched. Creators earn up to 50 ZIK every day.

Viewer Mining: Users who browse videos on Ziktalk make 1 ZIK per 60 seconds of time they spend watching. Viewers can earn as much as 10 ZIK per day.

Followers Following: 3 ZIK to each follower

Comment: 2 ZIK per comment

Likes: 1 ZIK for every like you receive

Ziktalk 2.0 Fees

Generating a Genesis video’s main video Free 1 video per hour

Comment video creation 2 ZIK contributed to the video’s genesis

Watching a video 1 ZIK given to the

Video creator

Following the user You can earn 3 ZIK for the user you follow.

Fee for withdrawal: 5% of withdrawal amount

Withdrawal Minimum: 300 ZIK

How to Update to Ziktalk 2.0 :

If you’re an existing Ziktalk user all you need to do is download the Ziktalk application and upgrade it on the store.

If you’re a brand new user, follow the links below to install Ziktalk.

>>>Download App<<<


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