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Whattsapp Top5 Tips & Trick


An app to get complete statistics of each WhatsApp chat

Without Advertising
Does not require permission
Not connected to the internet
You do not have access to device information

To get statistics, simply send personal or group chats from WhatsApp to the ‘Chat Stats’ app

After analyzing the chats that have been exported, the program displays statistics and bar graphs

Some examples of data analyzed in each chat are:

Messages per user
Words per user
Letters per user
Average characters per message
Deep media files per user
Emojis per user
Links to user
Messages on the day of the week
Messages per hour of the day
Days with lots of messages
Messages in the last days
First message for each user
Final message for each user
The most commonly used words
The most widely used emojis
High emojis per user
Many connected websites
Top websites for any user

All of these data and images are displayed on a single page, so you can easily store, send or share with other users.

‘Chat Statistics’ does not require special permissions to operate. Analysis takes place individually, with no internet or tool data

Ways to get statistics for any WhatsApp chat with ‘Chat Stats’:

Open WhatsApp
Open personal or group chats
Click Options dialog, three dots that appear on the right
Click Send games
Select Export WITHOUT press files
Select ‘Chat Stats’ to send chats

Alternative: Chats that have already been sent to .txt file can be reviewed, just select in the file manager and open it with ‘Chat Stats’.

Chat analysis can be done in any chat or between two days, by selecting Select Analysis by date

The View full chat method gives you the opportunity to quickly view all the chat and search on the chat

With Search messaging, you can quickly search for text messages, date or someone else

In addition to statistics, viewing and active chat chat, there are two other useful functions on WhatsApp:

Open chat with phone number. This method allows you to create / open new WhatsApp chats from the recipient’s phone number, without adding to your contact list in advance.

Open your chat to find notes. This gives you the opportunity to create / open new WhatsApp chats with yourself, and your phone number. Chat is made by one person, without anyone else, to be used as a stylus or to store photos, videos, audio recordings, notes and locations.

These generated chat, after sending the first message, will be available for use from WhatsApp, without access to ‘Chat Stats’.

‘Chat Stats’ has been created with the goal of easy-to-learn how to create Android apps and satisfy the global interest of statistics and fun apps. Also using free time in times of plague and isolation.

WhatsApp is a registered trademark of WhatsApp Inc.
The app is not affiliated in any way with WhatsApp Inc.


ChatStats was designed as a free and ad-free app

ChatStats does not have access to the Internet

ChatStats does not transfer live chat information or any remote server, all the analysis takes place locally on the device individually.

Chat and chat analysis in active search for jobs without internet. If you are seriously affected, you can turn off your internet connection before uploading a chat file

ChatStats is not authorized to access data or other functions on this device

ChatStats simply reads a TXT file, analyzes or creates a chat and shows the results to the user.

ChatStats does not store or share chats with other services

To open chats and phone numbers, ChatStats uses the WhatsApp public interface.

ChatStats does not store or share the phone numbers used.


Top Best strategies, Elon Musk net worth crosses Jeff Bezos?

elon musk net worth

“When your goals become primal. But the supremacy is not in your favor, You only do it.”

Elon musk born in 1971. Elon was talented since childhood as per his inventions. His mother is Canadian and his father belonged to South African. He is an American entrepreneur and considered an investor and inventor minded. Elon went to a Canadian university.Elon Musk net worth is 190 Billion. He started also (x.com) a money transfer platform which later turned into Paypal. Paypal is now days considered a trusted platform. He also founded SpaceX. SpaceX is electric cars company by Elon musks,

Early age startup

During study time he was also interested in computers and technology. At 12 years he made his first video game and sold it.

Career through paypal and spaceX

He started his study at a Canadian university and did graduation from California university in 1997. Elon found that the internet is vast enough to choose as a profession, In 1995 he started his first project as zip2.Zip2 is an online business directory to save different business models. His PayPal work is also prominent that was sold in 15 Billion.


SpaceX was founded in 2002, Elon was so determined in his work that he failed but never quit his work.FALCON 1 was launched in 2008. Later in 2018 heavy falcon was part of his work done. It has the capacity to take more than 50k kg of weight to orbit. Super heavy falcon was later also a new invention. Super heavy falcon has more than 100k kg weight capacity to lift it from earth to orbit. Super heavy falcon used to transfer luggage on earth. Elon being CEO of SpaceX has achievements in other heavy rockets.


Elon had a keen interest in technology cars. Tesla was initially inaugurated by some American entrepreneurs but later Elon became an investor in Tesla. The electric car was his first invention that made his dream come true. The electric car has a capacity of 397km traveling and 92KM/hour. In 2018 tesla inaugurated a new tesla sedan depending upon market needs and bringing advanced technologies. The company also invented a tesla x luxury. This invention was appreciated much by different companies. Tesla is still a dominating company in US industries.


Elon needed to make travel less expensive. In this way, by Dissatisfying with the projected expense ($68 billion) of a rapid rail framework in California, Musk presented another quicker framework for fast transportation utilizing decreased pressing factor tubes in which pressurized cases ride on an air pad driven by direct enlistment engines and air blowers. It will be a pneumatic cylinder wherein a case conveying 28 travelers would venture to every part of the 350 miles (560 km) quickly at a maximum velocity of 760 miles (1,220 km) every hour, almost the speed of sound. As per Elon Calculation, it will cost just $6 billion and that will cover 6,000,000 individuals who travel that course each year. In July 2017, Musk asserted that he had gotten “verbal government endorsement” to assemble Hyperloop from New York City to Washington, D.C., halting in both Philadelphia and Baltimore. 

Reason For Elon Musk Net Worth Increase

Elon musk net worth has increase to 190 billion.As hard work pays off.Its obvious Elon efforts are so huge to be appreciated,

Elon musk said 

“Choose your destinations while you go, wrong ones always lead you in right directions” 

Elon Musk has been a bigger investor in his life keeping loss back behind. Elon The essential explanation for Elon Musk’s stunning development in abundance is the ascent in Tesla’s offers which as of late mobilized 4.8 percent to help Musk’s valuation past that of Bezos’, total assets. Elon proceeded to difficult work. He used to work 100 hours a frail which is 15 hours per day. He never scared of disappointment, as he stated, 

“Disappointment is a choice here. On the off chance that things are not falling flat, you are not enhancing enough.” 

“Appraisal is not always an option to encourage you. Grief and disappoints can teach you more with the stability of your own power.”

He said in his meeting that the best accomplishment is to make things simple for other people, and he is just working for human transportation and attempting to make the second planet accessible to live, which helps on account of WW3.

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Zarya App _ Quick Earning App


Earn Money Today Easy And Fast From Zarya App :

Zarya is a platform for resellers. It allows our resellers to concentrate on selling, while we handle everything from sourcing to delivering orders.

Our resellers do not have to reserve funds for their business or worry about stocks that aren’t being used. They can simply sell their product and let us handle the rest.

Share And Earn Money From Zarya App:

Zarya is thrilled to be part of the #BetterTech program of Tkxel, in which our co-founder Faisal Zahid spoke about the journey that led to the creation of Zarya and how it has revolutionized the way that people sell their products in Pakistan.

This show has highlighted the upcoming tech startups that are innovative in Pakistan We’re excited to share our experience!

Zarya application is an online platform on which resellers can easily find their products and then offer them to their customers.

Zarya simplifies all the steps from ordering to delivery. We are also proud of helping women become empowered by encouraging them to establish their business from home with Zarya!

We had a conversation in a chat with the CEO at tkxel Umair Javed , and we gave our opinions about what Zarya is on the path toward becoming the new major player in the world of technology! We’re going strong already and we’re hoping to expand even more!

As part of our employee engagement program:

Zarya’s Lahore team of office workers gathered for dinner, and later connected with one another by engaging in games and activities.

Zarya can be described as a business-to-business commerce platform, headquartered in Lahore. It is an online wholesaler in the wider eCommerce market. Sellers who are mostly online, as well as offline, are able to directly purchase products through Zarya. Zarya application and market the products to users who are part of their network.

This is how Zarya makes it extremely simple for women entrepreneurs and business owners to manage their retail businesses at home!

Find out more about Zarya’s most recent financing, future plans and business model

Zarya App is pleased to announce its IOS launch. The app is available now on the App Store, offering Apple users the opportunity to resell and expand their business.

Although we did all work at home during the outbreak however, this wasn’t the situation for a lot of people who struggled to make ends meet.

Zarya Application is making a impact through its #reselling platform that allows people to start their own business without ever having to leave the comforts into their houses on a regular basis.

ZaryaApp #Zarya #resellercommunity #business #empowering #pakistan #digitalpakistan

Zarya App makes reselling simple by offering a user-friendly and appealing interface :

Interface for applications. We have a great selection of products and we have added options like searchability and the ability to share large quantities of images and videos.

It is available available in Roman Urdu, and we regularly update it, responding to the demands of our users. Not only that, Zarya provides the goods to resellers’ end customers.

Each reseller will have an individual journey with Zarya :

They’re all touching and inspiring. We’re focused on changing lives, helping women and making our community more digital each stage of our journey.

Zarya App is currently on the hunt for a unique graphic designer to be part of our expanding marketing team:

This is an exciting job because you’ll take part in the creation of designs that match our brand’s identity from starting point and also help support different marketing campaigns and initiatives.

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Earn Fast Cash Online From Pixie App


In Pixie the social network, all activities (posting likes, posting, and reposting) are paid for with PIX tokens:

The PIX you earned will be paid immediately within 7 days of your posts, not including reposts or likes you have made on them. You can cash out the completed PIX at anytime to your address (Metamask, CEX address .etc).

Find out how you can Earn PIX :

Users must have at least an Mini Camera to conduct social activities within Pixie. Mini Camera is available for free for a limited period in Pixie App.

Entry Cameras are always available for purchase from the The Official NFT Store in Pixie App.

If you purchase an Mini Camera, you can press on the Energy Button (As as described below) in the upper-right edge of the App to see the four cameras you have.


Energy Cap, Weight, Speed and Vote that correspond to various entitlements.

Click here to read the guidelines for the Entitlements.

Video posts can bring in more PIX than images (20 percent an increase).

Try to enter “Trending” and earn more PIX (100 percent increase).

Uploading the details of your Ethereum NFT assets will earn more PIX (200 percentage increase).

Make sure you connect your wallet to crypto, transfer your NFT instantly and transfer them by clicking one button!

But Nft Genius Camera To Earn More Pixie :

If you are looking to boost your entitlements (Weight, Energy Cap Vote and Speed) purchasing NFT Genesis Cameras are the most efficient method. Genesis Cameras can be purchased on the NFT’s official NFT Store in the Pixie App in case they are available.

Genesis Cameras

To purchase to purchase the Genesis Camera, you must be sure to have that you have enough PIX funds in your PIX wallet (As as per below) or have enough ETH in your crypto wallet, for example Metamask.

You can manage your camera equipment (change devices, or sell Cameras) at any time via Your NFT wallet.

Web3 login as well as Ehereum Nft Post

You can log in to Pixie using your email address or your crypto wallet (Metamask, Trust and Rainbow). You can also join your crypto wallet later on in the Pixie App in the event that you login with your email for the first time.

Once you have connected your cryptocurrency wallet to your crypto wallet, your Ethereum NFTs will be automatically displayed in your NFT account (As as described below) . You can either post them to your NFT wallet or assign one to an Avatar by pressing an icon.

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Earn Real Cash Online From CPAlead Website


CPAlead Online Earning Site :

Install Mobile Apps and Get Paid

Encourage your friends, users or guests to download the iOS or Android apps and receive a fee per installation.

CPAlead gives daily payment to every publisher. This is why you can be sure CPAlead is a direct-source network that offers cost per installation (CPI) provides.

The CPI and CPA marketplace allows advertisers to compete for your customers’ attention by providing the highest rates per installation in the market.

The better their offerings perform in conjunction with your visitors the more traffic they will receive. Beyond our market, we provide powerful tools, such as Offer Walls APIs, SDKs, APIs and native ads, as well as other instruments for monetization to aid you in earning more.

Install Mobile Apps and Get Paid :

Encourage your friends, users or customers to download one of our iOS as well as Android apps, and earn a fee per installation. CPAlead offers daily payment to all publishers.

This is the way to know CPAlead is a direct-source network that provides cost per install (CPI) provides.

The CPI and CPA marketplace allows advertisers to stand up for their traffic with the best rates per install within the industry. The better their offer performs when you click on their ads and the higher visitors they will receive.

Beyond our marketplace, we offer powerful tools, such as Offer Walls APIs, SDKs, native ads, APIs and other tools for monetization to help you increase your earnings.

One-Click Sign Up

By registering your account with us, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions and we have reviewed our Privacy Policies.

Or Email Sign Up


First Name

Last Name

Email Address


Confirm Password

Security Question

Choose One…

Security Answer

By registering your account with us, you consent to our Terms and Conditions and you’ve read and understood our Privacy Policies.

What is the reason to sign to join?

Some reasons to…

$1 Minimum Daily Payments

Highest Payouts

Get Paid Per App Install

Direct CPI Offers

Membership is Always FREE

Get Paid Paypal, Payoneer & More

Virtual Currency Offer Walls

Mobile App Ad Solutions

Achievements and Point Rewards

You can earn money daily by signing up to the CPAlead network today.

About CPAlead Advertising Network :

CPAlead is a real-time bid DSP as well as an SSP marketplace which connects mobile apps marketers to any mobile user.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an app developer seeking to make money from their app or an affiliate marketer searching to get direct CPI offers or a mobile ad network that is looking for more CPI offers We can help you.

CPAlead listens to its members and brings their ideas to reality. At any given moment CPAlead is working to develop new lead generation and marketplace features based on the most popular suggestions we receive.

We believe that we are an all-inclusive solution for advertisers and publishers with our solid real high-quality time bid bidding platform as well as a Supply side platforms for CPA and CPI provides.

Our Mission :

Our goal is to offer high-quality Android and iOS application downloads through connecting app creators and mobile network to affiliate marketers who are of high quality media buyers, as well as other developers of mobile apps with traffic.

Our advertisers are constantly searching for new traffic as well as our users are always seeking new advertising and ways to make money from your mobile users to its maximum potential.

We are committed to providing each side with the highest value they can, while also creating an unrivalled synergy between both We were ranked as the number 40th fastest growing business within America in the INC 500.

What did we do to achieve this target? We attributed it to our team’s expertise as well as our ability to involve all of the participants and incorporate their feedback an integral component of the process of development.

Our members have been able to spot flaws or weaknesses and suggest improvements to help our members make more money.

Since 2006, we’ve accrued more than 1,750,000 members and paid out more than $100 million. Additionally we’re also the highest in the rankings of CPI mobile advertising platform according to Trust Pilot and Google Business.

We would like to invite you to and join the CPAlead family and we’ll assure you that you won’t find another CPI advertising company that works better for you.

Daily Payments :

Our dedicated payment department is responsible for one thing and it’s to ensure that you are paid every day. We’ve never failed to make any payment, and we will have never missed a payment.

Publisher Tools :

The Offer Wall, API, and SDKs are continuously updated with the most recent and most exciting features.

Reputation :

We have paid over 100 million dollars to 1,750,000 of our members from over 180 countries. We also have received numerous accolades, including INC 500.

Self Serve Advertising :

Our CPI real-time bidding marketplace lets you install the Android or iOS application in as short five minutes.

Referral Program :

Recommend a friend to get 5% back from the earnings. We wouldn’t be where have been today with out the support by our loyal members.

More Rewards :

We will not only give you a cash reward for visits, but we’ll also award you with medallions, trophies and iPads, as well as T-shirts. Earning money has never been more exciting.

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Today Fast Earning Site _ Micro Workers


About Micro Workers Site:

Microworkers is a revolutionary social network that connects employers and workers around the world.

We provide efficient solutions to businesses and companies that need of outsourcing their tasks and projects.

Solutions could consist of creative ways to break down huge tasks into smaller ones that can be divided among workers, thus reducing the time needed to complete your task and report results by your deadline.

Our platform is focused on deploying micro jobs to employees including data collection and analysis, moderation, or extracting data. It also includes annotation categorization of images or videos, tagging or transcription and translation product testing as well as research and survey positions and many more.

Microworkers started in 2009 and is one of the top and most trusted outsourcing platforms for crowdsourcing on the internet.

Our Team:

Microworkers is a committed team of professionals with extensive experience in the field of project solutions that provide value to the customer as well as quality control.

We are dedicated to give our customers the outstanding service they deserve.

How It Works:

Here in Microworkers, you can be an Employer and/or a Worker.

As an Employer :

You can advertise jobs by launching campaigns and then distributing the campaigns to your preferred group of highly skilled or chosen employees from a selected country.

Campaigns that are created are examined by our specially-trained personnel before being made available for our employees.

Employers can participate in the development of their campaign through our API or website.

As a Worker :

You can earn cash by working in micro-jobs that are available to you. You can take on jobs at any time and there’s no limit to the number of tasks you can take on.

If you are a skilled professional You can be part of our pre-defined group of employees where you will be given special or interesting work opportunities and earn more.

When you complete an assignment that you have completed, it will be evaluated and rated by your employer. You’ll earn money if your job is rated “Satisfied”.

Our Workers:

Our employees, who we refer to as microWorkers, work effectively by completing tasks provided by employers.

Our microworkers are from all kinds of backgrounds, all over the world Starting from teenagers at their legal age , to professionals or freelancers looking to earn an extra income online.

To ensure the quality of our service MicroWorkers are subjected to qualifications Tests and are then separated to form workers who have specific and unique abilities.

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Givvy Solitaire _ Earning App


Real money cash solitaire game! Pay yourself every day!

Givvy Solitaire is an amazing classic card game , but it comes with an the most amazing feature of being able to cash in real money prizes. Givvy Solitaire has something for all players! Start now to download and earn!

Real money cash solitaire game! Take a look now and increase your chances of earning cash! Don’t pass up the chance to earn money! Take advantage of every payday!

The more you play, the more you’ll be awarded! Givvy Solitaire is addictive fun game that is simple to play and earn money!

Directly withdraw funds direct to PayPal, Coinbase, Binance, Amazon or another virtual wallet.

PayPal Direct Transfer into your PayPal Account

Coinbase, Amazon or other virtual wallets, directly transfer funds to your accounts

Cash-out amounts that are greater than our minimum withdrawal limit to your PayPal account at any time during the day!

The processing time can be up to seven days before they are sent to the cash-out company The majority will take less than 24hrs or may be as fast as immediately.

You are close to downloading this Earn Money game Givvy Solitaire 1.2 APK file for Android 6.0

com.givvy.solitaire-1-2-APKDom.com.apk Last Updated 25 October 2022 & Age Rating Everyone. You must ensure that you can fit enough storage for your Android device to download the.

To download the app, you have the option of choosing the server locations to download the apk file to earn cash to play Givvy Solitaire 1.2, copy the file onto the memory card of your Android phone’s memory card or SD card, after which you can use your preferred program to install the app.

If you are using an AdBlock plugin installed or Tracking Protection enabled, they can interfere with downloading function.

Turn it off in the UCC browser, Chrome or firefox settings, or in the browser’s extensions.

You can download the and download APK Now or choose any mirror server.

Be aware that chandiapk will only provides authentic and free apk installation files, without modifications, cheats, cracks unlimited gold patch, or other modifications. These files can be can be downloaded directly via GooglePlay AppStore. Paid apps APKs can be purchased only through the Google Play Store.

The Android apps and games available here are for home and for personal usage only. For any questions regarding copyright or issues, please fill out the Contact Us form. Earn money Givvy Solitaire 1.2 is the trademark and property of Givvy, the developer. Givvy All rights reserved.

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Earnviv Make Money by Watching Ads


Get Paid To Complete Offers, Surveys & More From Earnvivv Website:

We provide a wide range of offerswalls, faucet claims, games, and more that can earn you cash online. It’s free, fast and simple!

Complete Offers, Get Rewards:

Earn points for completing simple deals, faucet claims PTC, surveys and much other offers from our offerwalls.

And then, you can redeem your points at any time to instantly cash, bitcoin and much more.


Earnviv will be the sole reward-based platform you’ll require


Register, it’s always free to sign up for an account! There is no verification requirement.

Earn :

Earn points for doing tasks, submitting claims to faucets and by taking surveys!

Redeem :

You can redeem your points at any time into your crypto wallet!

Profit :

Sit back and earn each day and watch your earnings increase!

Our Users’s Feedback

Earn money online through completing surveys, offers, claims faucets, ptcs and more!

could not function properly.

How do we make use of the data we have collected :

Earnviv can collect and utilize Personal information of users to serve the following reasons:

In order to operate and maintain our Website

We may require your details to be able to display your content on the Site in a correct manner.

To improve customer service:

Information you supply assists us in responding to customer service inquiries and support requests more quickly.

To improve our Site

We could use the your feedback to improve our products and services.

To organize an event, promotion survey, or any other Site feature:

(Exchange Earnviv App Money Into Easypaisa Jazzcash)

To provide Users with information they have consented to receiving about subjects we think would be interesting to them.

To send out periodic emails :

We could utilize an email address in order to provide Users with information and updates regarding their purchase. It could also be used for responding to their queries, questions or other inquiries.

How do we safeguard your personal information

We adopt appropriate data :

processing and storage practices and security measures to safeguard against unauthorized access, modification deletion, disclosure or unauthorized access to your personal information your username and password, transaction data and other data that is that we store on our site.

Information you share about yourself :

We do not share or trade the personal information of our users to anyone else.

We may share general aggregated demographic data that is not tied to any personal information about users and visitors with our trusted affiliates, business partners and advertisers to fulfill the purposes as described above.

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Faucetpay Btc Address :


Watch Video _ Daily Earn Money


Daily video watch and collect free coins, share with friends to watch the video and refer them

Are you trying to find a legitimate earning apps that can earn you extra cash? This is the exactly the right page.

You can now earn cash by watching a short and fun video on Daily Watch and earn money!

  1. Earn money by playing video and music for free on the lock screen of your home.
  2. Take part in a survey and win money quickly.
  3. Earn cash-back rewards by playing for fun or apps, and then watching short video clips
  4. Pay cash immediately to shop and save money by using the current rate.
  5. Make money to play the most exciting game 2021 on the planet.
  6. Get gift cards for free or cash, by inviting friends to help you earn money for free
  7. Earn money by charging your phone and yes, we earn real cash earnings that are easy
  8. Earn money, coins free
  9. Earn money from your smartphone every day by playing the current rewards game for free playable and a free music player app.

Welcome Daily Watch Video & Earn Money Real Gift Generator App:

You can find All types of gift cards and actual money coupons as well as rewards Everything is Free.

The Daily Video and Earn Money and Real Prizes application can be used to watch videos, and earning points which you can convert into real money apps.

Watch video and earn real cash:

With earn money quickly and smoothly using a user-friendly guide, users can view a the video and earn money for free. Observe earning and earn real cash app

free recharge, discount coupons, and much other.

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Trust Rewards _ Easypaisa Jazzcash Earning App


Trust Rewards is an actual earning application. There are many ways you can earn money by 2022.

Trust Rewards is a full-time or a second job for everyone from all countries.

Earn money from any device that has access to internet access, regardless of where you are. You’ll be paid for time spent and interaction through the site.

Payment Methods: Paytm, UPI, Easypaisa, Jazzcash :

It is possible to earn a significant amount of money playing games. There are many games that you can play to earn whatever you like. There is no limitation like daily or weekly tasks.

If you can work for some hours during the day, you could earn upto $100 per month. You earn money when you play. If you are playing games throughout the day, then you’ll earn up to $750 per month.

What are the benefits of Trust Rewards?

Trust Rewards is a straightforward application that allows you that allows you to make cash. There are many options to earn money.There is no limit to how often you can to earn money.

Earn according to the amount of your time using the website.

  1. There’s a straightforward method of earning money, which is to play games. Start playing games that are simple that earns coins.
  2. You can choose to exchange your coins for you to exchange your coins for actual cash. The exchange rate for coins is always high.
  3. When you exchange your coins, money will then be added your Balance once you have reached the minimum limit for withdrawals. you can make a withdrawal request.
  4. Your request for withdrawal will be processed within between 2 and 3 days.

What is the method of paying the money out?

There are several withdrawal methods available: Skrill Webmoney, Skrill Perfect Money, Paypal, Wire transfer, EasyPaisa, JazzCash, Paytm. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $10. The funds will be received within a couple of working days.

Are there referral programs?

Yes. You can invite any person to earn money through Trust Rewards. Both of you will get cash at no cost when the invited person receives their first payment.

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Givvy Premium Online Earning App


Earn Money Online From Givvy Premium App :

Test out the latest Givvy Numbers premium lottery app that pays you real money.

You want to earn money! Have you got luck? Check out the best 2022 Premium Lottery App that gives you REAL money.

Are you looking for a great side cash money application? Make a match of 10 of 80 numbers, play a special premium lottery games and earn REAL MONEY.

Unlock the Premium Lottery and you can win more! Get greater cash rewards!

Givvy Premium Numbers is completely free for download and use using no purchases in the app or deposits.

If you don’t know the correct 10 numbers, the prize will be transferred to another draw. Win up to $1000.

The outcomes of every draw are announced shortly after every draw. They will notify you whether you’ve got the winning numbers.

Download now and test your chances. Every day you have an opportunity to win cash instantly

Directly withdraw :

PayPal, Coinbase, Binance, Amazon or another virtual wallet.

PayPal Direct transfer into your PayPal Account

Coinbase, Amazon or other virtual wallets, direct transfer to your account

Cash-outs that exceed the minimum amount that you can withdraw for your PayPal account at any anytime of the day!

It can take up to seven days before they’re transferred to the cash-out service Most will be delivered in less than 24 hours , or could be instant.

The complete details on how to use the app and service is available in our Terms and Conditions:


All games and offers, as well as prizes and rewards

The services offered by Givvy is not associated to Google Inc.

The promotions are only supported by Givvy.

All rewards and prizes don’t constitute Google products, nor have they any connection with Google.

Contact us with any feedback you may have about our services.

We would be delighted to get in touch with you.

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Aruco _ Walk And Earn Money App


Aruco App Web3 M2E Pedometer for Walking & Jogging to Get Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

ARUCO is a Web3 walking app with fun games!

ARUCO app converts your steps into cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.
You can earn Bitcoins, Ethereum and other crypto assets just for walking!

Enjoy Move2Earn for free!

Great app, easy to use, doesn’t consume my phone battery. I’m happy I can earn cryptocurrency from this app.

Walk And Earn Money :

A very good application and the most important is that it’s very easy to use and you can easily withdraw your crypto.

Amazing move-to-earn, app working 100%, you earn Drops by walking or running, you earn Drops on games, you earn Drops by predicting whether BTC or Ether will go up or not… and you can exchange your Drops for BTC, ETH, USDT or USDC.

(Exchange Aruco App Money Into Easypaisa Jazzcash)

Aruco is recommended for
People who walk every day
People who are interested in crypto assets but don’t know how to buy them.
People who want to buy crypto assets, but are a little scared.
People who want to find motivation to walk every day.
People who want to earn money easily
People who want to earn money in your spare time.
People who use some Move2Earn app and want to use another app as well

About the app :

You get crypto assets for walking or jogging every day!
You will receive “drops” every time you reach the goal numbers of steps.. You can receive crypto assets through the drops you own.
Currently major coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and USDC are supported. More coins will be supported soon.

Various ways to earn money:

There are many ways to earn money with aruco, not only by walking!

【Move to earn】

You can earn up to drops 10 times a day depending on the number of steps you take in a day.

【Guess to earn】

Predict whether the price of Bitcoin or Ethereum will go up or down in the next 24 hours, and if your prediction is correct, you will receive drops.

【Play to earn】

You can earn drops by completing games such as Sudoku, Odd one out, Mental math, etc. within the time limit.

Withdraw Method:

Supported Chains and Coins
ERC20 tokens on Polygon are supported.
Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, etc.

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