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Whattsapp Top5 Tips & Trick


An app to get complete statistics of each WhatsApp chat

Without Advertising
Does not require permission
Not connected to the internet
You do not have access to device information

To get statistics, simply send personal or group chats from WhatsApp to the ‘Chat Stats’ app

After analyzing the chats that have been exported, the program displays statistics and bar graphs

Some examples of data analyzed in each chat are:

Messages per user
Words per user
Letters per user
Average characters per message
Deep media files per user
Emojis per user
Links to user
Messages on the day of the week
Messages per hour of the day
Days with lots of messages
Messages in the last days
First message for each user
Final message for each user
The most commonly used words
The most widely used emojis
High emojis per user
Many connected websites
Top websites for any user

All of these data and images are displayed on a single page, so you can easily store, send or share with other users.

‘Chat Statistics’ does not require special permissions to operate. Analysis takes place individually, with no internet or tool data

Ways to get statistics for any WhatsApp chat with ‘Chat Stats’:

Open WhatsApp
Open personal or group chats
Click Options dialog, three dots that appear on the right
Click Send games
Select Export WITHOUT press files
Select ‘Chat Stats’ to send chats

Alternative: Chats that have already been sent to .txt file can be reviewed, just select in the file manager and open it with ‘Chat Stats’.

Chat analysis can be done in any chat or between two days, by selecting Select Analysis by date

The View full chat method gives you the opportunity to quickly view all the chat and search on the chat

With Search messaging, you can quickly search for text messages, date or someone else

In addition to statistics, viewing and active chat chat, there are two other useful functions on WhatsApp:

Open chat with phone number. This method allows you to create / open new WhatsApp chats from the recipient’s phone number, without adding to your contact list in advance.

Open your chat to find notes. This gives you the opportunity to create / open new WhatsApp chats with yourself, and your phone number. Chat is made by one person, without anyone else, to be used as a stylus or to store photos, videos, audio recordings, notes and locations.

These generated chat, after sending the first message, will be available for use from WhatsApp, without access to ‘Chat Stats’.

‘Chat Stats’ has been created with the goal of easy-to-learn how to create Android apps and satisfy the global interest of statistics and fun apps. Also using free time in times of plague and isolation.

WhatsApp is a registered trademark of WhatsApp Inc.
The app is not affiliated in any way with WhatsApp Inc.


ChatStats was designed as a free and ad-free app

ChatStats does not have access to the Internet

ChatStats does not transfer live chat information or any remote server, all the analysis takes place locally on the device individually.

Chat and chat analysis in active search for jobs without internet. If you are seriously affected, you can turn off your internet connection before uploading a chat file

ChatStats is not authorized to access data or other functions on this device

ChatStats simply reads a TXT file, analyzes or creates a chat and shows the results to the user.

ChatStats does not store or share chats with other services

To open chats and phone numbers, ChatStats uses the WhatsApp public interface.

ChatStats does not store or share the phone numbers used.


Top Best strategies, Elon Musk net worth crosses Jeff Bezos?

elon musk net worth

“When your goals become primal. But the supremacy is not in your favor, You only do it.”

Elon musk born in 1971. Elon was talented since childhood as per his inventions. His mother is Canadian and his father belonged to South African. He is an American entrepreneur and considered an investor and inventor minded. Elon went to a Canadian university.Elon Musk net worth is 190 Billion. He started also (x.com) a money transfer platform which later turned into Paypal. Paypal is now days considered a trusted platform. He also founded SpaceX. SpaceX is electric cars company by Elon musks,

Early age startup

During study time he was also interested in computers and technology. At 12 years he made his first video game and sold it.

Career through paypal and spaceX

He started his study at a Canadian university and did graduation from California university in 1997. Elon found that the internet is vast enough to choose as a profession, In 1995 he started his first project as zip2.Zip2 is an online business directory to save different business models. His PayPal work is also prominent that was sold in 15 Billion.


SpaceX was founded in 2002, Elon was so determined in his work that he failed but never quit his work.FALCON 1 was launched in 2008. Later in 2018 heavy falcon was part of his work done. It has the capacity to take more than 50k kg of weight to orbit. Super heavy falcon was later also a new invention. Super heavy falcon has more than 100k kg weight capacity to lift it from earth to orbit. Super heavy falcon used to transfer luggage on earth. Elon being CEO of SpaceX has achievements in other heavy rockets.


Elon had a keen interest in technology cars. Tesla was initially inaugurated by some American entrepreneurs but later Elon became an investor in Tesla. The electric car was his first invention that made his dream come true. The electric car has a capacity of 397km traveling and 92KM/hour. In 2018 tesla inaugurated a new tesla sedan depending upon market needs and bringing advanced technologies. The company also invented a tesla x luxury. This invention was appreciated much by different companies. Tesla is still a dominating company in US industries.


Elon needed to make travel less expensive. In this way, by Dissatisfying with the projected expense ($68 billion) of a rapid rail framework in California, Musk presented another quicker framework for fast transportation utilizing decreased pressing factor tubes in which pressurized cases ride on an air pad driven by direct enlistment engines and air blowers. It will be a pneumatic cylinder wherein a case conveying 28 travelers would venture to every part of the 350 miles (560 km) quickly at a maximum velocity of 760 miles (1,220 km) every hour, almost the speed of sound. As per Elon Calculation, it will cost just $6 billion and that will cover 6,000,000 individuals who travel that course each year. In July 2017, Musk asserted that he had gotten “verbal government endorsement” to assemble Hyperloop from New York City to Washington, D.C., halting in both Philadelphia and Baltimore. 

Reason For Elon Musk Net Worth Increase

Elon musk net worth has increase to 190 billion.As hard work pays off.Its obvious Elon efforts are so huge to be appreciated,

Elon musk said 

“Choose your destinations while you go, wrong ones always lead you in right directions” 

Elon Musk has been a bigger investor in his life keeping loss back behind. Elon The essential explanation for Elon Musk’s stunning development in abundance is the ascent in Tesla’s offers which as of late mobilized 4.8 percent to help Musk’s valuation past that of Bezos’, total assets. Elon proceeded to difficult work. He used to work 100 hours a frail which is 15 hours per day. He never scared of disappointment, as he stated, 

“Disappointment is a choice here. On the off chance that things are not falling flat, you are not enhancing enough.” 

“Appraisal is not always an option to encourage you. Grief and disappoints can teach you more with the stability of your own power.”

He said in his meeting that the best accomplishment is to make things simple for other people, and he is just working for human transportation and attempting to make the second planet accessible to live, which helps on account of WW3.

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Islamic Status Earning App


Islamic Culture offers a variety of short Islamic videos and earn money

Islam: Status & Videos & Cartoons provides Islamic short videos, Naats Video, Naat Sharif Full Video, Muharram Video, Jumma Mubarak Status, Ramadan Kareem Status, Ramzan Mubarak Wishes, Find the best videos easily in this app.

Do you want to download free islamic short form, full download of naats, islamic images and islamic sayings? download daily Islamic content you want to search in this program.

The best Islamic video app to share on your social media. Here you can find naat sherif format and Islamic words, short videos are loved by everyone. Islamic Islamic video is available in HD format.

Islamic Culture and Naats:

Download small videos to save your internet and save your memory.

Download large Islamic naats with short MB data saved by users

Quick Sharing: Quickly share How To Islamic short video on popular websites.

Smart Search: The Islamic movie app will help you find search results from different movies.

Download users with Islamic images, short naats, full naats, wallpaper images and Islamic words in this app.

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Sopay Crypto Wallet _ Invite And Earn Money


How to earn money from Sopay Crypto Wallet app:

Sopay aims to make cryptocurrencies as simple and flexible as BHIM UPI.

Sopay aims to make cryptocurrencies as simple and flexible as BHIM UPI.

Note: This app is open beta, we are still developing, receiving feedback and other features, please don’t pay too much.

The SoPay app has been released, providing fast transactions and SoPay mining

SoPay believes that this app is the missing piece in the adoption of cryptocurrency

SoPay Blockchain-based payment platform is a way to disrupt the financial market.

today he announces the fulfillment of another event in his street; the release of the SoPay program. The founders believe that this app is the missing piece in the cryptocurrency adoption process.

This development comes after another event that saw SoPay hit three major exchanges in mid-July 2018. The app became available for download today. See the official download page.

The official version of the app supports the functionality of blockchain payment products.

Simple user interface and practical use:

The SoPay app is clean and simple and allows users to access all services by simply registering with their mobile number and a 6-digit password.

Also, it’s easy to add user accounts for your friends. All the user needs is the recipient’s mobile phone.

The SoPay app has been released, providing fast transactions and SoPay mining
Tuesday, 08.07.2018 | 13:29 GMT at

SoPay believes that this app is the missing piece in the adoption of cryptocurrency
Thought leadership Sports
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The SoPay app has been released, providing fast transactions and SoPay mining

SoPay Learn more about Blockchain Save:

Join our Telegram channel
SoPay, a Blockchain-based payment platform with a disruptive approach to the financial market, today announced the completion of another milestone in its roadmap; the release of the SoPay program. The founders believe that this app is the missing piece in the cryptocurrency adoption process.

This development comes after another event that saw SoPay hit three major exchanges in mid-July 2018. The app became available for download today. See the official download page.

The official version of the app supports the functionality of blockchain payment products.

SoPay, group, blockchain, technology, cryptocurrencies, SAM
User-friendly interface and practical application

The SoPay app is clean and simple and allows users to access all services by simply registering with their mobile number and a 6-digit password. It’s easy to add more user accounts. All the user needs is the recipient’s mobile phone.

Continue reading:

The global banking crisis, inflation and interest rates: what happens next?

Digital banking of 2023 is the future of banking:

The new service eliminates the need for additional security measures, such as copying complex addresses, which are common on blockchain payment platforms. Most importantly, using this program attracts zero fees.

Users are equally comfortable when withdrawing money. Also, the platform offers a financial support which is very low compared to other platforms. SoPay aims to support the evolution of various digital products, enabling direct transactions involving digital assets on the one hand and traditional business goods or services on the other, and supporting various activities.

Mining method:

In addition to closing deposits and payments, SoPay users can create an additional way to earn money by inviting their friends to mine on the platform. Mining transactions on the SoPay platform support both SOP and ETH tokens.

Technically, SoPay’s mining model, along with calling, is not an upgrade. Instead, it is a strategy that gives users the chance to survive the effects of a bear market by making passive investments.

For example, a user who has an app that works daily to pay, transfer or refer friends can earn up to 16.5% of their annual income from mining earnings alone.

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Xcad Network App _ Watch Ducky Bhai YouTube Videos Earn Money


XCAD – Watch Videos and Earn!

XCAD Network is supporting the Watch2Earn revolution by allowing fans to earn Production Tokens by watching their favorite players, right in our app.

The XCAD software allows viewers to find manufacturer’s marks while looking for their favorite manufacturers.

Viewers can earn money, view and sell Creator characters through the app. The app runs in the background when you watch videos through the internal browser.

Users can buy XCAD eggs to increase the value of the Creator token more, the better the egg, the more rewards will be added.

This means users can generate their Creator Tokens very quickly, earn rewards and have voting power!

Viewers who have installed the XCAD software will be rewarded with Creator Badges when they watch 80% or more of the videos.

Creator tokens can be used to vote in polls submitted by their favorite creators, the more tokens a viewer has, the more weighty their vote will be.

This means that loyal fans have more of a say in what they make. Additionally, viewers can invest their creative tokens with XCAD to earn more rewards for watching the video.

Changelog Detailed video viewing steps and tracking information:

Users claiming Advance Rewards will be notified of how many XCAD tokens they need to accumulate to purchase a Lava Egg.

Set the total cost of the distance.
Additional viewing information.
Hatch date details.
Improved check-in flow.
Featured products.

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Watch videos Earn Money From Rupeetub App


Earn money for watching new movies online from Rubeetub website:

How does it work?

We have friends on RupeeTube, we want to share some videos. So why not get paid to watch movies online at your leisure? we pay you to watch short videos or TV shows.

Watch the videos:

Ads for commercials, videos and online TV shows are the best way to earn money on RupeeTube.

Tell your friends:

We guarantee your friend when they join. You get ₹50 and your friend gets ₹250.


Once the money arrives, you can send it to your Paytm, Phonepe, PayPal account and more.


RupeeTub is the most popular online earning website for watching movies.

Website visitors:

Like most other websites, RupeeTub collects anonymous information about the type of information that browsers and servers make available, such as browser type, preferred language, referring page, date and time of each visitor’s request.

RupeeTub’s purpose in collecting non-identifying information is to understand how RupeeTub’s visitors use its website.

From time to time, RupeeTub may release Non-Personally Identifiable Information in the aggregate, for example by publishing a report on usage of its website.

RupeeTub also collects personally-identifying information such as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses for logged in users and for users who leave comments.

rupeetub blog posts.  RupeeTub only discloses IP addresses entered by commenters under its terms of use and discloses personal information as described below.

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Earn Money From Arb Coin Airdrop


Welcome to the future of Ethereum:

The $ARB Airdrop and Pre-Sale are available for a limited time, so hurry to get your $ARB tokens.

How much $ARB do you want?

$ARB is an ERC-20 regulatory token from the Arbitrum One team. The total amount of ARB is $ 10 billion and the first part is $ 1.162 billion for users of the Arbitrum platform. $ARB tokens can now be obtained by participating in the airdrop and presale. After distribution and pre-sale, $ARB will be listed on leading exchanges such as Binance, Okex, Upbit and Coinbase.

Airdrop Rules:

Submit your ETH wallet address to participate in the giveaway, you can receive $100 worth of ARB tokens.

Copy and share your link with your friends and you will be rewarded with $100 ARB token for every visit. You can invite up to 50 people and the reward can be up to 5000 $ARB tokens.

The $ARB airdrop will end on March 25th. Once the distribution is complete, $ARB tokens will be delivered to your ETH wallet address. This airdrop is free.

Pre-sale Rules:

The pre-sale price is 1 ETH = 50,000 $ARB. The minimum purchase is 0.1 ETH and the maximum purchase is 10 ETH.

Send ETH from your wallet to the pre-sale address. Our system will send $ARB tokens to your wallet instantly. You can send ETH at any price.

The distribution of $ARB tokens will depend on the time of receiving ETH. First come – first served Synonyms in Russian: Eat a late guest with a bone. If the item is sold and you haven’t bought it, the money will be charged to your wallet.

Presale price: 1 ETH = $50,000 ARB.

The minimum purchase is 0.1 ETH and the maximum purchase is 10 ETH.

Send ETH from your wallet to the above address. Our system will send $ARB tokens to your wallet instantly.

Refferal Earning:

Copy and share your referral link. Invite your friends to join and you will both receive 100 ARB tokens. You can invite up to 50 people and the reward can be up to 5000 ARB tokens.

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DiTok _ New Real And Fast Earning App


DITOK blockchain technology and W2E platform for short videos:

Diamondtok is the world’s leading integrated short video tool and platform. For diamond, all you have to do is watch the video and complete daily tasks to earn daily profit.

You can also increase your daily rewards through likes and comments:

Take your videos to the next level with blockchain technology from W2E.

It will be enjoyed and encouraged by the international community of creators. Millionaires are on Diamondtok showing off their amazing skills. Allow yourself to be inspired.

Diamondtok provides a secure (P2P) platform that makes it easy to buy and sell DITOK and put it in your wallet.

You can use Diamondtok to earn interest on your saved DITOK.

Most apps available on Google Play Store or iOS Appstore:

they are designed for mobile platforms only.  But do you know that you can still use any of your favorite Android or iOS apps on your laptop even if the official version for the PC platform is not available?  Yes, there are several simple methods that you can use to install Android apps on Windows machines and use them the same way you use them on Android mobile phones.

Here in this article we will list the different ways to download DiTok on PC in a step by step process. So before we jump in, let’s take a look at the DiTok technology.

DiTok for PC – Technical specifications:

DiTok is at the top of the list of apps in the Social category on Google Playstore.

It has great ratings and reviews. Currently, DiTok for Windows has more than 100,000+ apps and 0 stars among all users.

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Battle Steed Ai Wallet _ Make Money


Battle Steed Ai Trading Wallet App:

AI Quantitative Trading Robot Application

Quantitative Strategic Investment Advisor for Cryptocurrencies
Hrouah is an advanced leveling strategy and Battle Steed Al’s best engine for leveling.

choose more advanced tools, adapt DeFi investment strategies, and provide professional and direct services as financial advisors.

so the only affordable financial advisory services that can be enjoyed are those that are available worldwide.

and help digital investors carefully and critically analyze the most important aspects of investing,

and better according to your financial needs. Passion for risk: Choose the best portfolio of digital products and adapt in a timely and dynamic manner to market trends.

Quantitative Trading AI Robot:

Digital asset traders who don’t have enough time, energy and financial skills choose the Battle Steed quantitatirobot.

Battle Steed hacks and analyzes the media market, financial news, major financial trends, especially the largest digital financial exchange 24 hours a day, and integrates historical machine learning for deep optimization.

Through the successful Battle Steed Al robot marketing strategy, automated marketing is used to generate more than 80% of sales.

The high level of commercial use represented by the Battle Steed AI has had a significant impact on the DEFI sector.

Standard technology:

The extent of the returns will largely depend on the ability to add advanced smart investment management tools.

Create a user interface for the multi-channel DeFi platform to make it global.

Find out more about us:

The best way to market to WEB3 users

Water depth

Allow to exchange more coins in DEX

Battle Steed AI is an investment expert that supports the future of DeFi applications.

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Cheelee watch Play and Earn Money App


Earn rewards for watching and creating videos

Cheelee is a short video platform for GameFi where you can earn money by watching and making videos, regardless of the number of subscribers.

Cheelee allows you to earn tokens by watching your favorite content. Make money from the time you spend watching videos. And yes, Cheelee will create food based on your favorite movies, especially for you.

Create your own videos and go viral without making money from your ads because Cheelee does it for you. Change NFTs, handle boxes and join new ones while playing.

Earn money by watching and making short videos. Log in, get your free NFT glasses and view feed to start earning tokens. Earning crypto rewards is now very easy with Cheelee.

Use GameFi’s state-of-the-art engine and customization engine based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to make your interactions easier than ever.

Discover Web3 and Cheelee’s new online platform – the world’s first short-term platform with a crypto wallet, NFT market and smart tokenomics. Explore, experiment and be inspired by game-changing companies.

This fun platform is free! Download now to see the best of Cheelea. And remember, whatever you do, do it with passion.


“One of the most exciting startups of 2023 that will change the world of social media” (IBTimes)
“Play-to-Earn Industry Disruptor” (Bitcoinist)

“The most reliable Web3 service for social networks in 2023.” (Yahoo! News)

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Pegasus _ Walk And Earn Free Cryptocurrency Amo Token


Pegasus fitness programs that reward you with AMO tokens for action.

Amino is a Web3 application for sports, health and fitness. With a network of apps, NFTs, Metaverse, IRL events and more, Amino is a full-fledged Web3 platform for sports and fitness enthusiasts.

Our apps give users the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies:

through fitness, sports, healthy eating and more. Users will earn $AMO, which can be redeemed for basic items and other premium rewards that our interactive tool goes beyond Web3.

Amino’s powerful network will expand into the sports, health and fitness sectors, giving users unlimited opportunities to earn $AMO.

Amino has secured partnerships:

with a growing group of elite athletes, including Rob Gronkowski, Klay Thompson and Aaron Judge. Amino will release a series of NFTs called GRAILS on Binance NFT, which have fast ambassadors.

Rare NFTs come with autographed memorabilia and IRL tickets, connecting fans with their favorite athletes on Web3 and the real world.

Join Amin with our first app, Pegasus, which is a free app that lets you earn $AMO on the go!

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Bondex origin _ Earn Money Online


Origin is designed for crypto users to be involved in the Bondex ecosystem.

Enter the future of work and money!

We are launching Bondex Origin, a program designed to bring together a group of people who are ready to earn cryptocurrencies. Get involved and start empowering the fintech-powered talent network.


Bondex Origin is an application for those who want to increase their digital wallet and take advantage of all the advantages of cryptocurrencies! Whether you are a serious crypto enthusiast, or just a beginner looking to get into crypto for the first time, Bondex wants to help you prepare for the crypto transition!


Bondex is a fintech ecosystem built on a global technology network. Introducing a utility token called BNDX as the first exchange for rewards, incentives and environmental stewardship.


We created the BNDX token: a cryptocurrency with transparent global value. As a user, you will be able to participate in the growth and success of the Internet.


Download the Bondex Origin mobile app, sign in with your email or LinkedIn account and start receiving your BNDX tokens for free. Upload your resume to get verified and get more, refer your friends and get more!


Bondex Origin allows registered users to earn up to 50 million (5% of total token) BNDX tokens on their mobile phones by logging in once a day. Free tokens are exchanged for the DEX (decentralized exchange) token BNDX at a 1:1 ratio.


Leverage your professional network within the crypto community so everyone can get more! Every Bondex user starts with a base price. When a user invites more users to join the Bondex Origin network, that user will receive an additional bonus. The more successful referrals a user gets, the higher their bonus rate will be.

Users can also upload their certified documents to the Bondex Origin app. After checking their resumes, users will receive an additional bonus!


The Bondex Origin app will allow users to earn free BNDX tokens by logging in every 24 hours. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of this great opportunity in this program!

DOWNLOAD the Bondex Origin mobile app and start earning BNDX tokens today!

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