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Top Best strategies, Elon Musk net worth crosses Jeff Bezos?

elon musk net worth

“When your goals become primal. But the supremacy is not in your favor, You only do it.”

Elon musk born in 1971. Elon was talented since childhood as per his inventions. His mother is Canadian and his father belonged to South African. He is an American entrepreneur and considered an investor and inventor minded. Elon went to a Canadian university.Elon Musk net worth is 190 Billion. He started also (x.com) a money transfer platform which later turned into Paypal. Paypal is now days considered a trusted platform. He also founded SpaceX. SpaceX is electric cars company by Elon musks,

Early age startup

During study time he was also interested in computers and technology. At 12 years he made his first video game and sold it.

Career through paypal and spaceX

He started his study at a Canadian university and did graduation from California university in 1997. Elon found that the internet is vast enough to choose as a profession, In 1995 he started his first project as zip2.Zip2 is an online business directory to save different business models. His PayPal work is also prominent that was sold in 15 Billion.


SpaceX was founded in 2002, Elon was so determined in his work that he failed but never quit his work.FALCON 1 was launched in 2008. Later in 2018 heavy falcon was part of his work done. It has the capacity to take more than 50k kg of weight to orbit. Super heavy falcon was later also a new invention. Super heavy falcon has more than 100k kg weight capacity to lift it from earth to orbit. Super heavy falcon used to transfer luggage on earth. Elon being CEO of SpaceX has achievements in other heavy rockets.


Elon had a keen interest in technology cars. Tesla was initially inaugurated by some American entrepreneurs but later Elon became an investor in Tesla. The electric car was his first invention that made his dream come true. The electric car has a capacity of 397km traveling and 92KM/hour. In 2018 tesla inaugurated a new tesla sedan depending upon market needs and bringing advanced technologies. The company also invented a tesla x luxury. This invention was appreciated much by different companies. Tesla is still a dominating company in US industries.


Elon needed to make travel less expensive. In this way, by Dissatisfying with the projected expense ($68 billion) of a rapid rail framework in California, Musk presented another quicker framework for fast transportation utilizing decreased pressing factor tubes in which pressurized cases ride on an air pad driven by direct enlistment engines and air blowers. It will be a pneumatic cylinder wherein a case conveying 28 travelers would venture to every part of the 350 miles (560 km) quickly at a maximum velocity of 760 miles (1,220 km) every hour, almost the speed of sound. As per Elon Calculation, it will cost just $6 billion and that will cover 6,000,000 individuals who travel that course each year. In July 2017, Musk asserted that he had gotten “verbal government endorsement” to assemble Hyperloop from New York City to Washington, D.C., halting in both Philadelphia and Baltimore. 

Reason For Elon Musk Net Worth Increase

Elon musk net worth has increase to 190 billion.As hard work pays off.Its obvious Elon efforts are so huge to be appreciated,

Elon musk said 

“Choose your destinations while you go, wrong ones always lead you in right directions” 

Elon Musk has been a bigger investor in his life keeping loss back behind. Elon The essential explanation for Elon Musk’s stunning development in abundance is the ascent in Tesla’s offers which as of late mobilized 4.8 percent to help Musk’s valuation past that of Bezos’, total assets. Elon proceeded to difficult work. He used to work 100 hours a frail which is 15 hours per day. He never scared of disappointment, as he stated, 

“Disappointment is a choice here. On the off chance that things are not falling flat, you are not enhancing enough.” 

“Appraisal is not always an option to encourage you. Grief and disappoints can teach you more with the stability of your own power.”

He said in his meeting that the best accomplishment is to make things simple for other people, and he is just working for human transportation and attempting to make the second planet accessible to live, which helps on account of WW3.

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