How to choose the best web hosting for ecommerce business?

best web hosting for ecommerce


e-commerce or e-business is an online way of selling and buying goods, services and making transactions using electronic technology. It is a very rapidly growing business all over the world. In the past, it was done using mobiles and letters. But due to advancements in technology, now websites are being used for this purpose. In this article, you will know about how to host an eCommerce website and how to choose the best web hosting for ecommerce business?

If you are worried about what is web hosting, so don’t worry let me explain a little bit for you. Web hosting a basically a server where your website files are hosted. When you and anyone else want to access your website, he will access it from that web hosting server.

Ecommerce websites are very large in size due to the bulk of product images and product descriptions, graphics, videos, and the bulk of website code. So, their hosting should be selected carefully. Below I am going to tell you which web hosting is best for eCommerce business.

Things Required while Choosing Best Web Hosting for eCommerce Business

As we have talked about in our introduction paragraph, eCommerce website is not like the other web hosting like blog or landing page hosting, etc. Choosing the best web hosting for the eCommerce business is a challenge for beginners.  But don’t worry, let me tell you the required things should be focused on while choosing eCommerce web hosting. 

Security SSL

The word SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer”. It is a certificate that is used to protect the website’s data. It uses encryption techniques to protect data. It works as an encryption switch between server and browser. It keeps data private b/w browser and server. Using SSL is surety to your safety. It is recommended by Google also. How it looks when it is implemented on the website, can see in the picture below.

best web hosting for ecommerce

Now we by knowing about SSL, we are curious to know why it is important for the best ecommerce web hosting.  For this purpose, you should read the points below.

  • We use payments in ecommerce
  • We use coupons
  • We use login details which contains personal details of us and our customers
  • We use all of our secret data in ecommerce websites

So, to keep these all things secure, we need strong security. SSL make sure the security and protection of our websites. That’s why it is necessary to keep in mind while “choosing best web hosting for ecommerce business”.

Up time 99.90%

The main purpose of our eCommerce business is our 24/7 availability in our store for our customers. So, up-time matters 100% in our eCommerce business. If we need our business growth, there are the following factors and one of them is the 24/7 live availability of your store. If we choose web hosting whose servers are mostly down, it will affect our customers and their point of view about us.

So, it becomes a must that while choosing the best web hosting for the eCommerce business, we should select a server whose uptime is equal to approximately 99.90%.  I will show you servers who have uptime more than or equal to 99.90% in our section below.

High database performance

In simple words, database performance is a rate at which a user can access data from a database management system (DBMS). We already discussed that eCommerce websites are bigger than normal websites. So, high database performance and less access time is a most important factor. If your website will not load quickly, you will lose your customer. Because no one has time to waste on your website loading. They can find the same product on other websites (your competitors).

Keep database performance in mind while purchasing best web hosting for ecommerce business.

24/7 Support by Hosting Providers

In the world of the web and the internet, we cannot be fully aware of everything. That is the reason, we need support. In eCommerce, if our website faces any issue due to hosting providers and we can not fix it timely. It also causes a customer trust loss. If hosting providers are 24/7 available for support, we can fix our issue at the spot.  So be careful while purchasing web hosting.

SSD Storage

As we have already discussed website speed and performance. SSD is also a storage/ memory. It is much faster than Hard Drive. It also matters in loading speed. It is our duty as business owners or managers that we select a web hosting that is providing us storage in SSD.

PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant

We know that there is no eCommerce website that does not accept online payments. To process our online payments, our hosting providers must have PCI Compliant. If they don’t have, we can face issue while processing our online payments.

The question is that what is PCI Compliant?

It is called as Payment card industry data security standard. It is necessary when you accept credit card payments. It can be purchased from organizations that are providing it. But we should purchase it with web hosting a lot of hosting providers include it in their packages.

More than 100GB Data Storage and Bandwidth

If you are building a huge marketplace website like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress. Then data storage matters for you. Because they have millions of products, users, and vendors on their website. If you have data storage of more than 100 GB then you will survive in the eCommerce field otherwise you can face storage issues. So, keep storage also in mind when you are purchasing your best web hosting for ecommerce business.

Backup Facility

While working Online, one of the most popular fear is hacking websites. If you face any data loss issue to hacking or virus or due to any reason. But to avoid these types of fears, you must have a daily based backup of your website and database. Backup should be one of the highest priority features in your eCommerce web hosting for your business.

We have discussed, all of the best features that an eCommerce web hosting must-have. After knowing all these features, A question is that from where you can find a web hosting who is providing all these pros. Let me tell you some very famous and best hosting providers from where you can easily purchase your eCommerce web hosting.

Servers Having Uptime more than 99.9%


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