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Housewarming Party – 10 Ways to Host a Great party on a Budget in 2020

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Christmas and the New year season are soon approaching and you need to make sure that the preparations for house parties are already done. You need to start right from the time you decide to host. In order to keep the gathering well-organized and enjoyable, there should be nothing that can otherwise create a nervous breakdown. Here we have brought a couple of tips that can make you completely prepared for hosting a great housewarming party in the best possible way after shifting to Jaipur. –


1.) Invite only limited people

host housewarming party



Social distancing is the new normal and you must keep it in mind in order to manage things in a better way. Since there is limited space at home, there might not be an ample number of chairs and tables to adjust so many people. Take care of the number of people you can adjust to the amount of space you have at your disposal.


2.) Take a confirmation


Inviting is different than receiving people at home housewarming party. There might be only a number of guests who may actually come to your place at the party. Therefore, you must confirm whether all the people you have invited are going to be there on the due time or not.


3.) Keep extra arrangements


What if you fell short of food in the middle of nowhere? You must stay ready for ordering some extra food from the restaurants in case you find the available number of eatables falling short during the party. In order to avoid stress, the party must have arrangements done from before.


4.) Arrange for blankets and pillows

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You never know who might sleepover at your home. And for that reason, arranging some pillows and blankets is very important.


5.) Self-serving


Instead of taking the pain of serving the guests yourself, keep it as a buffet system during housewarming party. Keep all the food over a table along with some empty plates, spoons, and forks so that people just come and grab over things themselves. It is very screenful to serve each guest yourself during a house party. Never go for pleasing the guests unnecessarily else it will make things unmanageable and dirty.


6.) Use disposables


Remember to keep disposables instead of making use of your personal utensils. Also, arrange for a separate dustbin where everybody can just throw away the Waste food and disposables so that you don’t have to help them in any case.


7.) Keep a water dispenser


The more you stay during a house party, the better would be the management. It is quite normal for the guests to feel thirsty repeatedly while dancing and singing. Instead of you being busy serving them again and again, just keep a water dispenser along with some disposable glasses so that nobody feels thirsty at your home.


8.) Let them be free


Avoid asking unnecessary questions about food, drink, and water because it can make the guests feel uncomfortable. There is a self-serving system, let them just comfortably both eat and enjoy the housewarming party. You must focus on enjoying the guests instead of behaving very formally.


The idea is to make guests feel like a member of the family instead of making them feel uncomfortable. Once they know where the food and the drink are kept, they will be able to arrange it for themselves and also feel comfortable.


9.) Arrange for helper


It would be better if you can arrange someone to help you throughout the house party. Thinking about a party and then just managing it are two different things. If you are not so well versed with throwing parties, always make sure that you do not take a backseat from arranging for a servant or a helper.


If you have a shorter budget, you can also arrange for someone on an hourly basis. Also, you can ask the guests to help you with the management of everything about this housewarming party if it is otherwise difficult to arrange for paid help. If you are thinking of an app regarding how to manage money then first read it – Top 10 apps to manage your money in 2020


10.) Decorate your home

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Arrange for some lamps, lighting, and bulbs so that it gives a feeling of having a house party. You should not do it out of burden obligation but all out of happiness and excitement. The decoration of the housewarming party must convey the idea that someone is very happy for the guests and the occasion.


Try to use those items that can be kept for a general-purpose as well. Do not try to overdo the decoration part else it will increase your budget the other way round.


Some extra tips-


Give an account of the number of children

Once people come to your home, just concentrate on enjoying the party instead of working all the time.

Do not forget to host games and extra activities so that people are engaged throughout.

Play music

Make arrangements for dance

Keep extra diapers and sanitary pads arranged




Housewarming parties should not be a source of headache or strain for you. Indeed, they should bring a lot of enjoyment and excitement amongst the host and the guests.  Whenever you are planning to host a party, there should be a day off the next day so that you can completely relax and pen down the tiredness.


Also, do not forget to take the covid-19 parameters. Make sure that nobody suffers from fever and also sanitize everybody who comes from outside. If possible, try to wear masks or maintain a 6 feet distance of at least.


If you are thinking of an app regarding how to manage money then first read it – Top 10 apps to manage your money in 2020


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