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Top 10 apps to manage your money in 2020


Do you spend more money at the end of the month that completely mess your budget? Here is the solution to manage your money and save more and don’t spend too much money. We all know that saying these words is easy, but it is very tough to accomplish this. 

Don’t you know where all your money goes and how can you invest this money that can help you to make more money? We have answers to all of your questions. You have a busy schedule and don’t have enough time to go to the bank daily and manage your money. Don’t worry; you can manage all of your cash through your smartphone. 

In this era of technology, you can solve your time-consuming activities in just a few seconds. There are a lot of apps that will help you to manage your money. When you download these apps, make sure these apps are reliable, and you are not going to waste your money.

Don’t know the best apps to manage your money, so here is the list of top money management apps? These apps are reliable also suggest to you how you can invest your money. These features are designed excellent that you can understand easily. 

1. Personal Capital- Best app for investment

The personal capital app is on the list of best apps that can help you manage your money. Its features are so easy to understand. All the features like an investment, money management, and credit card mortgage are available in one place. 

manage money

You can also get help from a professional team. Easy money track and money investment opportunities are available. You can also make your portfolio through this app.

This app’s primary and considerable feature is you can see a complete overview of your investment, and it also suggests a professional platform to invest your money.

2. Mint- Best app to manage your money

This service has its official website and apps for both android and IOS users. This app has considered one of the excellent apps for budget management. You can manage your credit card, monthly bills, investments, money flow, through this app.

It provides different budget categories and transaction category also. Mint analyzes all your money spending and suggest you how to spend money efficiently.

This app provides you with bill pay services. You can quickly pay your bills through this app very easily. It also reminds you about your upcoming bills through its notification features that you can easily manage your money according to monthly expenses.

3. Acorn- Best app for saving money

This app has more than seven million users, and it takes approximately five minutes to log in and save money. You can invest in this app virtually without any effort. When you purchase through your card, acorn invests in a portfolio.

Acorn shopping app allows to the brad partners in your portfolio. You can boost your account in a one-time transaction. This app could be the best choice for you if you want to invest a small amount of money in assets. You can also support your savings automatically through this app.

4. Empower- Best personal finance app

It provides you control for your cash flow; it connects your budget account with a financial account. It notifies you about your weekly and monthly money spending in whatever the categories you select to spend your money.

It also helps you to save your money automatically without any effort. Setting a target of money that you want to save weekly or monthly will automatically save this money. The app will help you to spend less money and invest more money that will help you to grow your money.

This app provides you unlimited via SMS that will guide you step by step about all of your financial questions. It provides all the budgeting, investing, savings, and guidance all of these services in one place.

5. YNAB- Best personal finance app android 

This app manages money and informs you about all of your spending of monthly and weekly. It provides bank sync and other money management features like other apps. You can also connect your debit card with that. 

This app will charge you $6.99 per month, and you can also sign in for its premium account. It provides 34 days free trial. You can also contact its team to get more information about this. 

You can check your monthly budget details on your mobile device. There is no automatic transaction for this app. You need to go to online sight for its transaction downloading.

6. Monefy- Free money management app

This app is a free money management app; its premium version will cost you $2.50 only. Features of this app are designed so simple that you can understand all the categories quickly. You can add new data easily.

It provides you currency support and does a decent job. It interfaces design amazingly that takes a little time to understand completely. 

7. PocketGuard- A best financial planning tool

You are searching for a money management app that will inform you about your savings and regularly spending? This app is for you. When you sync in your account, this app analyzes all of your activities and notify you all about spending. 

This app will also guide you to maintain your budget in the right way. It also notifies you about current good deals where you can invest your money. You can use this app to save your earnings and properly investing more.

8. Mvelopes 

Looking for a money management app that will help you invest your money in different categories, this app is for you. All you need to do is divide your money as much as you want to invest and put it in envelopes. You can use these envelopes to invest in different categories.

It translates your credit card and other spending and tracks where all your money goes and informs you regularly. This app monthly costs $4 only, and if you want to use its premium account, you can pay more for this. Its premium account provides you more unique features.

9. Wally

Wally app is in the list of one of those apps that provides unique features of exploring. Its unique feature is that it supports all the foreign currencies. You spend most of your time out of the country than this app is for you.

You can also save pictures of receipts from tracking essential items like investment business and savings. Whenever you log in to this app, it will quickly inform you about your money left in the account and tell you about the monthly budget.

You can manage the budget of and finance almost all the world; this makes it unique and reliable compared to other money management apps.

10. Spendee

This app automatically downloads transactions, and there is no need to online to its site. It categories all of your transactions, and you can share your budget with other partners.

You want to maintain your privacy, and then there is no need to share your budget. You can share a specific account with your friends. It will also allow you to understand your budget in a bigger picture by using its site.

  • These are the top 10 money management app, and you can use these apps to manage your budget and get all the information about your spending securely.

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