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Top best free trading apps in 2020

free trading apps

Apps are now playing an important role in every digital device to make work easier with its great features. And anyone can use these apps and can take advantage to do his/her work more effectively without wasting time.

At this time everyone wants to earn more and more money to make them financially strong. But the one who knows how to invest money can earn more money. Because “Poor people work for money and money works for rich people” Investing money now a day’s become easy. But how can you know that your money is in save hands? Years ago investors should hire a broker to invest his money and pay his fees. Now the time has changed there is no need to hire any broker you can invest your money by free trading apps. And can save your money and can generate more revenue.

To build your trust online broker introduced the best stock trading apps. That can give you all the information about the company where you want to invest and can buy a share of this company. Instead of visiting all the companies where you want to invest can consume you’re a lot of time. So it is an easy way that all the information of these companies in your hand. Then you can see you’re trading in your mobile, laptop, and tablet. You can always connect with the company with this best trading platform and can grow your money. And no scam can harm your money.

All the apps are not providing the best features but don’t worry about that. We are here with the list of best stock trading apps that can help you to invest your money easily.

Top trading apps of 2020

  • Fidelity: Best trading apps for beginner
  • TD Ameritrade: Best for a stock trading app
  • Webull: Free trading app
  • Ally: Best app for the banking trade
  • Sofi: Best for trading information
  • Tastyworks: Best app for active trading
  • Interactive Brokers: Best app for online trading
  • Acorns app: Best online trading platform

1. Fidelity: Best trading app for beginners

Fidelity is a free best app for beginners for long and short term investments. It has no extra charges with $0 stock and trade. You can get a lot of services and features from its paid account and can invest your money very easily.

tools for doing trading

App Features.

  • No deposit required
  • No extra charges or fees 0$ stock and trade
  • Sports, retirement, education and other accounts are available
  • You can invest in a stock, mutual funds can buy share and more

Pros and Cons:


  • This company provides its customer with good service.
  • Its phone service is available 24 hours in a week
  • No transaction fee and other service charges
  • It also provides a free app to apple user
  • This app provides advanced desktop trading features
  • Broker services are available all 24/7
  • Article and complete guidance videos are available on how to invest
  • The graph on the screen shows the trading which is easy to understand
  • Brokers also provide financial advice and how to manage your portfolio
  • You can take free advice and information if even you are investing a low amount of money


  • If you want to invest a big amount of money this company will charge you more and more fees
  • Brokers charge 0.35% yearly from annual assets which are high charges for an investor for long term investment
  • It does not provide the crypto-currencies services
  • Its initial funding start from $2500 which is quite high in the list of best trading apps and some of these are free
  • This trading app, unfortunately, provides no discount offer services

2. TD Ameritrade: Best for a stock trading app

This app is a top trading app in the list of other trading apps due to its extra features and services. This app is one of the biggest apps for brokerage in the united state. That it provides to its customers at the lowest price in long and short term investments. This is a professional mobile trading app and sports its user with several benefits.

free apps for trading

This app not required any kind balance or investment at the first and no fees of trade stock and other services charges. This fully-featured app combined all the important information about trading with its unique features. Only a few brokers provide this great service and it has 450+ local and other branches to provide their customer ease.

App Features.

  • This app required no balance or investment at first
  • $0 commission for online trade or stock and no extra charges of broker
  • This app sports standard, educational, and other accounts trading
  • Provide all the important features in this app for their users

Advantages and Disadvantages of this app:


  • This app has beginner to advance both the app services
  • Brokers services available all the time
  • You can buy an account by spending just a few amounts
  • You can start trading from very low investment
  • All the research sources are available
  • This app has thousands of mutual funds
  • This company does not charge any kind of extra amount yearly
  • It has 3-hour response services to its user
  • It has a 5-star rating from their investors


  • This app has high rates ($49.99) mutual funds services.
  • It has high charges rates in option commission. This app charges 65 cents to its user for its option commission services.
  • On borrowed money, they have high margin rates that increase rapidly
  • It also has OTC commission charges

3. Webull: Free trading app

This app is the best app for trading for those who have some experience and knowledge about trading. This app has advanced features that can provide you the best services. Expert traders can understand its advanced features very easily and can grow their business. For beginners, this app is a little bit tough to understand. But its broker can provide you all the basic info about that which can help you to understand it easily.

top best apps for trading

For these advanced features and information on this app, you may consider that it will charge very high. But the reality is completely against your thought. It is a free app for trading to use with no commission charges. It has no fees for trades and stock and its advance features serve its user all the time. You will trade on bunds, trades, stocks, but crypto-currency is completely new at this app.

This app has completely new advanced features that can help you to understand the roles of investment to earn more from this platform in less time investment.

App Features.

  • It has $0 investment fees for online trading and $8 to $45 for transfer and other commission
  • This platform required no initial balance
  • Stocks, ETFs Mutual funds, and crypto-currency is available
  • Brokerage support and IRA accounts are available
  • Advance trading features are available

Pros and Cons:


  • In this app, you can interact with another user
  • No commission of brokerage and other extra charges
  • No ETF or stock commission
  • Full graphic screen with great features is available
  • In this app, you can see both US and foreign trade at the same time
  • Research and other tools are easy to use in this app
  • Low-cost broker are available for its advance trading


  • ETF is not available for close funds
  • All the assets are not available
  • Only limited customer services available from this platform
  • No quick response service available for its users
  • No location or contact info at its website
  • You can only contact with its app
  • No online charting and connection services are available
  • No financial, trading, stock, advises are available from its brokers
  • No debit card services are available
  • No tool is available in this app to manage your cash
  • No services are available in this app for Apple TV
  • There are just basic info about this service are available at this app

4. Ally: Best app for the banking trade

Ally provides all the services like account information, stocks, trading, in its apps. There is no missing service all of these are available in one place. The features of this app design very simply that is very easy to use. All the features provide complete info about individual service.

top trading apps

This service provides all the basic charts data. And there is a commission for stock or ETF trades in this app. But does not provides advanced features. For its unique features, this is in the list of top apps for bank trading. This app provides great service for active trade.

App Features.

  • No basic balance required at first
  • $0 commission for ETF and stock and other basic services
  • Best for active services without any commission or extra charges
  • Brokerage free advice and sports available for its users all the time
  • On physical services are available only online trading and services are available

Pros and Cons:


  • You can invest in your bank account from this app
  • All the basic to advanced features are available at this app
  • User-friendly app features
  • The app is designed very simply with complete info easy to use for its users
  • Graphic screen available all the time to see active trading
  • No cash needed to open your account
  • Cash management features are available
  • Completely support to its user with call and email services from brokers
  • All of its bank services are available this app that you can invest from this app no need to go to a bank


  • No physical location available for its use only online and active trade available
  • No practice trading info not very much good for beginners
  • Not all the research tool are available to get more info about a specific trade
  • Transferring services are not very good

5. Sofi: Best for trading information

This app provides all the basic info about a bank account, trading, in its app. All the basic to advance completely guidance available it this app. If you want to open an account you can open it with a minimum $1 deposit. This is app is the top trading app for first-time users.

best trading apps

This app has the list of all the top-rated company bunds and stock info. That can help you to decide where you should invest your money to make more money. All the features of this app are unique and simple to understand easily even for a beginner. It helps a lot to its user from its broker’s advice, videos, and news that available in its info section in this app.

App Features.

  • This app required a minimum $1 to open your account
  • 1.25% required while the transaction of crypto-currency
  • No commission for ETF and stocks
  • This app provides the loan offers that can help you to grow your business
  • All the trade accounts, brokerage support available for its users in this app
  • This app has 4.5 ratings from all of its users

Pros and Cons:


  • This app and its services are completely commissioned free no charges for ETF or stock
  • Very few fesses for its premium services
  • App features design very conveniently easily can use for trading
  • All the basic to advance info about accounts are available at one platform
  • Completely support from its brokers to its user to invest through this app
  • App has a graph that can help you to understand the trading completely
  • All the contact and info about this company available at this app
  • You can hire a broker for its advanced features in just a few extra charges
  • You can open your account from this app digitally without wasting your time
  • Fast and free services are available all the time


  • Not all kind of account services only a few of them are available
  • Tools for search are available that can help you to understand only basic features
  • This service is only available for US clients
  • Only a few trades and stocks are available
  • Advance account services are not available

6. Tasty works: Best app for active trading

This app is one of the biggest brokerage firm app to invest in any stock trading. This app provides many optional ways to invest in any stock. This app is the best app for online trading.

This app has all the required services about ETF, stocks, and accounts and money management features. It has $0 charges for ETF and it charges $1 to $10 for its contract leg. Its app is completely friendly for you if you have basic knowledge about trading apps. If you know how to manage your account, this app has its unique and convenient features. That can help you to trade faster and graph service on its screen is available to understand it completely.

App Features.

  • No minimum money required for its deposit
    optional features are available in this app for stock and ETF
  • No commission required for its account opening
  • $2.50 for its per optional  feature
  • Cash accounts, joint margins, corporate trusts, others accounts are available
  • This app charges you $1.25 for its future contracts
  • It will charge you $0.85 for its micro contracts and other services charges for additional services can apply

Pros and Cons:


  • In this app, more advanced features are available as compare to other apps
  • You can follow the trade community through this app that can help you in trading
  • All the features guide about all the accounts
  • Many types of accounts are available in this app with full brokerage support for its users
  • Easily access able research tools are available in this app
  • This app is stable to invest your money for trading
  • Trading fees are very low that you can pay through this app
  • Research tools of this app provide completely advance features to its users


  • Its contract fesses are very high
  • In this app, only limited accounts are available for education as compare to other trading apps
  • These app features are not for beginner someone with its basic knowledge can use this app
  • In this app, there is no demo for any account
  • This app provides its services only to US clients
  • Withdraw and other extra charges should improve

7. Interactive Broker: Best app for online trading

This app is on the list of one of the best app for trading. It has all the categories for trading where you can apply and can earn more money. All the trading features of 2020 are available in this app. This app is in the list of few apps that can access to the market for online trading. This app provides all the basic to advanced info to its users. The app has all the contact info about its platform.

free trading apps

This app gathers all the active traders to its platform for trading. It has no extra margin or commission rates and charges. The mobile app of this platform has all the research tools and online charts system. This mobile app is on the top for its trading as compared to the other mobile active trading apps.

Pros and Cons:


  • This mobile app has large investment stocks and trade where you can invest a big amount of money and can earn more.
  • There are no transaction fees up to 4300 for mutual funds.
  • There is a 0.25% discount for you in margin rates
  • Mobile charts are available for online trading
  • You can make your account vary quickly through this app
  • All the accounts like a bank account, stocks, and others are available
  • Active graph service is available to understand the trading in the best way


  • This app has a very little payment option not all the services are available to withdraw an amount from an account
  • For customer support, there is no response time is fixed
  • Clients from all the countries are not available only a few selected countries clients can access this service
  • Extra charges apply for its advanced services and features

8. Acorns app: Best online trading platform

This app is one of the best platforms for trading from its spare search tools. And great withdraw money management can help you to manage your money in a great way. It has both basic and premium versions that can help you to trade professionally.

You can invest through its mobile app that can be convenient for you. You can earn even a small amount of money through this app. It has a full brokerage support system that can help you to earn more money. You can also purchase the high worth assets from its app.

Pros and Cons:


  • Its app cashback and withdraw system work very fast and actively
  • You can invest automatically through its unique features
  • Educational accounts are also available and complete guide about that
  • This app can provide you best broker advisor for your trading
  • This app will give you all the basic info about how you can invest in stock best app for beginners
  • Easy to understand for its first-time users
  • All the IRA accounts are available at this app that you can open in an easy way
  • They have the best online brokers services that can help you to invest in a professional way


  • Their app has a small investment portfolio
  • Their fesses are very high for a small account as compare to the other trading apps
  • All of these apps are the top-rated and best apps for trading in 2020. It’s up to you which one you chose to grow the money that can help you to make more independent financially.


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